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 Maintenance Adjustments

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Maintenance Adjustments    Mon Jun 27, 2016 7:55 pm

It was not an easy decision for Hokajin Alzjin. He could keep his African American exterior and continue to serve as the maintenance superintendent for the mine and probably be successful in doing so. Hoka though knew what returning to the troll features would do for his strength and power. He could be the strongest person in the mine.

Hoka needed that strength to be a better assistant to his staff. He finally decided to be who he was. He laboured over the decision because he was actually born human and became a troll in the alternate reality goblinization of that Earth. He had used his strength to be muscle for the Yakuza Wu. He thought that was his life and his destiny until he became part of the King's Fleet. He learned he could be more. Hoka almost single handedly rebuilt the Renaissance Apartments. He became a beloved member of the staff. He loved to help and to be respected for that help.

Hoka accepted the role of maintenance superintendent in the mine because he wanted to help. As a bigger and stronger troll he would be more effective helping. He could move large motors and large parts. Hoka worried that his hulking appearance would once again turn off his mate, the cross dressing paramedic Samuel Warren.

Hoka knew that Sammy had started down the road taken by Tanmesad engineer Ro Marino studying medicine under Dr. Skylight Greene while working as a paramedic. Sammy was finally on a real career path of trying to be a pilot and other roles in the King's Fleet. She would not need Hoka to exist. She was her own person.

Hoka had been working in the mine. The news that there would be no more 2396 technology had hit him hard. They would have to keep the old equipment running. Hoka walked back to the trailers in Camp Camelot. He walked into the trailer he shared with Sammy Warren. The cross dresser was standing there.

Sammy looked at Hoka, "Do I look feminine to you?"

"You look beautiful to me.", the troll looked at his human mate.

"Are you disgusted by the fact that I dress like a woman but love to have a dick up my ass? I bet you would rather have Racquel Madison or a real woman.", Samuel looked at Hoka.

"I love you. Are you disgusted the fact that I am a troll with large teeth, ground off horns and large ears?", Hoka echoed her question.

Hoka walked over and hugged Sammy from behind, "You are my girl. I love you just the way you are."

Sammy reached behind rubbing the crotch of her life partner. She smiled as he started to grow. Sammy slowly rolled down the top of her leggings. Hoka smiled rubbing his large hands on her neck. The troll spit on his fingers and began to massage his saliva on Sammy's point of entry and then on his manhood. The troll pushed himself inside his mate. Things were going to be okay between them. They were one again.

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Hokajin Alzjin
Maintenance Superintendent
Fort Camelot Uranium Mine
King's Fleet Protected Territory
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Maintenance Adjustments
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