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 Goat Sucker

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Goat Sucker   Mon Jun 27, 2016 8:02 pm

Colonel Teero had stuck his neck out to get Gordon White Wolf a supervisor job in the mine. Gordon was able to get more out of the non-military crew than any of the others including Mars Viceroy.

Gordon also had to deal with the influx of the Tellarite Hircus, the goat like aliens from the Tellar System who had joined the group to help mine the uranium. It was then that he met Barbara Leanaas. Barbara was a llama like Hircus who had joined the miners as a lift animal. Gordon and Barbie were soon talking on the miner's elevator and making more than just chit chat.

Barbara told Gordon about Branson Beauty. She explained that the King's Fleet had used the human appearance as the standard and used a process to developed to help Tania Branson, a Borg Disconnect appear more human to allow other species to appear more human as well. Gordon smiled, "Like Josie Naar'Haaj."

Barbara punched him in the arm and frowned, "Yes!"

Josie Naar'Haaj was stripping in Ishka's bar in the converted trailer.

Barbara told Gordon that her human upper body appearance was largely due to Branson Beauty. Gordon asked how most Tellarites appear on two legs yet her body remained more like a sheep, goat or llama with four legs. Barbara turned very red. She looked at the floor and mumbled, "It is due to hormone production caused by sexual acts."

Gordon naively responded, "Huh?"

Barbara was very embarrassed as she repeated, "It was because of sex."

Gordon looked at Barbara, "So if I want you to look like Josie Naar'Haaj, we have to have sex."

"No one will ever look as pretty as Josie.", Barbara frowned.

"Oh I bet you would be twice as pretty.", Gordon flirted.

"Gordon!", Barbara punched him again.

"I think we should go back to my trailer.", Gordon flirted.

Gordon walked into the kitchen to see Barbara standing there on two legs. He looked at her and smiled.

"You like it?", Barbara asked.

"Oh yeah! The White Wolf scores again!", Gordon bragged.

Barbara smiled coyly. Gordon winked, "Of course you know... Wolves tend to eat goats."

"Oh yeah?", Barbara looked at Gordon.

"And I know where I am gonna start.", Gordon giggled.

Posted by:

Gordon White Wolf
Crew Supervisor
Fort Camelot Uranium Mine
Camelot Colony, Vulcan Sector
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Goat Sucker
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