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PostSubject: Adulterer.....   Mon Jun 27, 2016 8:03 pm

Zek Ishka has caused a bit of controversy in Camp Camelot by converting one of the trailers in the formally dry camp into a bar and casino. It is hardly the Excursion but it is a place to go.

The supervisor group at the mine are not pleased. The first night it opened several workers were either late or missing from work. Zek chalked it up to the workers needing a release after being taken from their homes.

The feature attraction has been Josie Naar'Haaj. The Tellarite stripper has given the miners a new appreciation of alien life. She is a stunner.

Josie tends to pack them in.

Tonight she had an unusual observer. Nicole Branson was allegedly there to check on Ishka and she did do that. She enjoyed a glass of wine with the casino operator but she definitely stayed to watch Josie. There is just something about those Tellarites that could excite Nicole every since that first doctor's visit with Peneleaus Prang'Laar so long ago. Nicole watched with excitement as Josie swung herself on the pole on Ishka's stage.

Josie motioned for Nicole to come back stage. Josie and Nicole talked about Jaskalla, Pra and Keljeska. Josie also talked about her life as a stripper. Josie then told Nicole that because of alterations to her body, she did not duplicate breasts when she became sexually aroused like other Tellarites. She told Nicole that the Orions wanted to make her more palatable to other customers so they messed with her genetics to cause her breasts to engorge if she became aroused. For many races, large breasts are a greater turn on then multiple breasts.

"Are you aroused now?", Nicole flirted.

Josie pulled down her top.

Nicole gasped but leaned forward and kissed those engorged breasts. Josie smiled and kissed Nicole. Nicole grabbed on of the large breasts. Josie grabbed Nicole's crotch. It was on now.

Nicole is going to have problems explaining her time with the stripper. Temptation is everywhere in Camp Camelot.

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Nicole Branson
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