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 Consolidation Prize

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PostSubject: Consolidation Prize   Mon Jun 27, 2016 8:04 pm

Nicole walked from her trailer down to Ishka's. She had been spending her day dealing with the fallout of the Temporal Typhoid as the kidnapped colonists learned that their only choices were to serve on a King's Fleet and the group of miners who live in Camp Camelot are likely the only inhabitants they will ever get to know.

Nicole wanted to see Josie and yes she wanted some stress relieving sex! Nicole walked into the back of the trailer to find Josie having sex with one of the native miners. Nicole was devastated screaming at her potential Tellarite lover.

Josie followed Nicole out of the back room shouting at Branson. Josie yelled at Nicole, "You are not that special, Nicole. You might think you are special but you are not special. You have been governor of colonies that have failed, even suffered genocide. You think you are the queen bee. You are not. You may have manipulated other Tellarites but all you were to me, an active tongue who knew how to f**k a girl."

Nicole was crushed. She completed the walk of shame back to her trailer. She opened the door and was greeted by Ophelia Coren dressed very scantily.

Ophelia also had adorned her body with markings and jewelry. She looked like a lesbian. Nicole had been crying over her rejection. She was still not sure about Ophelia. She rejected her Betazoid friend. She told Ophelia that she needed to figure things out. Ophelia had her own walk of shame.

Nicole tried to lose herself in her work getting back to recruitment. It was no easy task now knowing that if you came to Camp Camelot, you would be stuck here forever thanks to the contagion.

Nicole fell asleep at her desk awakening to the morning sun and to the sound of the buckets bringing up the uranium. She put on a little short suit. She wanted to get some morning sun. She stepped outside. Today was a new day. Like the colonies in which she lived, setback is not a reason to quit.

Nicole looked over to see the trailer of Ophelia Coren and to see the lights come on. Nicole thought about Josie and her behaviour. Damn slut! Nicole thought about Ophelia and soft Betazoid love. She thought of Orchid, Magenta and her history with the Coren family. A lot of great memories warmed her heart.

Nicole walked across the camp yard as Ophelia came out of her trailer holding a cup of tea.

Nicole pulled her hair back and smiled at Ophelia. Ophelia looked at Nicole and mouthed the words, "Looking good."

Nicole winked.

Ophelia raised her tea, "Would you like to come over for a tea?"

Nicole smiled walking over. Ophelia handed her a cup. Nicole sipped the hot Betazoid tea.

"I make it every morning but I make it very early. Your best bet is to come early or even better yet to just stay over.", Ophelia flirted.

Nicole smiled sipping her tea.

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Consolidation Prize
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