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 Adventures In The Forbidden Zone

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PostSubject: Adventures In The Forbidden Zone   Mon Jun 27, 2016 8:05 pm

Matio was devastated that she had been the one to bring the news about Temporal Typhoid. She took it very personally even though the discovery is being hailed as critically important in the protection of Starfleet personnel. Only 6 persons aboard the USS Peter Jennings have died and no one has since been exposed.

Matio's paper on the exposure virus and the incubation period since arriving in 2396 has been hailed as groundbreaking in its thoroughness and virological explanation. Matio still took it personally that she did not catch the physiological changes in the crew of the Quest sooner.

Matio had booked time on the holo deck. She just needed to go for a walk to clear her head.

Lanec had finished up on the bridge of the Quest and went looking for Matio. He knew his mate was sad and depressed over the situation. Even he had heard the FBN broadcast. Had it not been for the need for access to the enriched Uranium to make Wormhole Dilithium, the best course of action would be to destroy the colony of Camelot.

The colonists may have returned to 2396 but they were almost worse pariahs then when they were in the temporal universes. Lanec called for the arch and entered Matio's Bajoran walk. He found his mate playing with her bottom lip and looking at the Bajoran evening sun.

Matio looked at her Andorian life partner, "Did you know that only one percent of cross dressers are gay. Most cross dressers have gender issues or a simple fascination with dressing like the opposite sex but are not interested in a sexual relationship with their same sex."

Lanec grabbed her hips, "I guess I am the lucky one. I found the one percent."

Matio looked at Lanec, "Do you know I began dressing like a woman so I could get close enough to assassinate Cardassians? I have killed men for grabbing me by the hips."

"If that is how I am to end, I guess my past has finally caught up time.", Lanec pressed his hardening Andorian cock against her buttocks.

"I would like to think that I have worked very hard to rebuild my reputation. I have tried to balance my crimes with acts of love towards my fellow Andorians and more importantly to you.", Lanec kissed Matio.

Matio looked at him, "Do you think Temporal Typhoid is our punishment for the pain we have brought others? We are now permanently quarantined. There is just us. We are imprisoned now. Maybe we deserved this."

Lanec started to roll down his life partner's pants, "If I am imprisoned for eternity. I am very glad it is with you."

Lanec pressed his blue magic wand between the butt cheeks of his cross dressing male lover. Matio twinged as the blue stick wiggled against her hidden opening. Lanec moistened that opening and the pushed that big blue bat up inside Matio. The good doctor groaned with its size. Lanec was a giant.

Lanec gently thrust in and out; a far cry from their once brutal and abusive relationship. Lanec was finally a man. He was not an oppressor, he was a lover.

Matio lay in the holo created Bajoran mossy grass naked from the waist down looking at Lanec laying in the same grass, his blue wand limp from explosion. She rolled over and kissed his blue chest, "Thank you for rescuing me."

"The truth is Mattie that you rescued me. I was an oppressive arrogant egotist and now I am a low ranking but dedicated tactical officer and a gentle lover. I would dead today had you not seen a small spark in my soul. I am forever grateful.", Lanec kissed her forehead.

"It is what the King's Fleet is. We take the cast offs and make them valuable and important.", Matio smiled.

Lanec rolled his mate onto her belly and began rubbing her bare bottom. Matio looked at Lanec, "I won't even be able to sit down tomorrow."

Lanec mounted his mate. Matio moaned as Labec entered for round two.

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Adventures In The Forbidden Zone
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