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 Jedi Guardian

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Nicole Branson

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PostSubject: Jedi Guardian   Tue May 22, 2018 8:14 pm

Nicole Branson has started something by standing up for The United Federation of Planets at the Multiverse Rift near Badlands 827. She is only just begun to understand the politics of the Galactic Empire or the Republic that stands against it.

Nicole and the King’s Fleet have been tasked with keeping the great warships of the Galactic Empire from entering the Badlands. Word of the rift has spread with Federation space and has begun to spread in the Republic as well. Several Romulan vessels have been spotted in the Badlands. A Klingon Bird of Prey has also been seen near Camelot.

Nicole’s reputation for being alien friendly has also reached the worlds within the Republic. Nicole was standing on the observation platform of Governor’s Station, only recently built by the King’s Fleet to orbit Badlands 827. She heard a rustling behind her.

Vreez Sunna (Vurr-Reez Soon-ah), a Rhodian Jedi Master entered the deck. Vreez announced his presence, “Governor Branson?”

Nicole turned around accepting the interruption. Jedi Master Sunna described Jedi History, Order 66 and the purging of the Jedi. Nicole sat with the Rhodian as he described the rise of Emperor Palpatine, Darth Sidious and his apprentice Darth Vader, the Death Star and Alderaan and Endor.

Vreez looked at Nicole, “What is the first thing you noticed about me?”

“You seem to be a religious fellow in the vein of the Bajoran Vedeks I know well. You have a gentle positive way about you.”, Nicole touched the hand of the Rhodian.

Vreez smiled, “But you never once mentioned that I was a alien.”

“The Federation judges a people based upon their actions not their appearance.”, Nicole smiled.

“This is worthy of preservation.”, Vreez bowed to Nicole.

“Are you familiar with the force?”, Vreez asked.

“I have heard their stories from those who have chosen to have interactions with us. I know that there is a good side and a dark side and that your faith states that they must remain in balance.”, Nicole explained.

“You mention these Bajorans, creatures of great faith. Do they also possess the great power of faith?”, Vreez asked.

“Not in the way of your stories or in the demonstration by Lady Thylara. They do not move vessels or objects.”, Nicole observed.

“Are there creatures of great power in this universe?”, Vreez asked.

“Several Starfleet vessels have had interactions with the Continuum. Creatures of this reality have god-like omnipotence.”, Nicole frowned, thinking of her own interactions with The Continuum.

“I would like to offer my services as the Jedi Guardian of this reality. I shall use the force to allow vessels from your Federation enter the Inner Rim but while inside they will be unable to use any weapons and in order to maintain the balance the same will be made here for vessels of the Galactic Empire or the Republic. This will allow for explanation and diplomacy but not for war.”, Jedi Sunna offered.

Nicole was very proud to broker this deal. She was so proud of her success that she went to announce her deal to Admiral Tan, her confidante in Fleet Operations. She was stunned to find Tan standing with a Twilek, a Galactic Empire alien. She did not even get to get to make her announcement, “Who the hell is this?”

“This is Aayla Tan, my new spouse.”, Tan announced.

“I got her from Zek Ishka.”, Tan explained.

Nicole’s skin crawled at the mention of the Ferengi trader. She thought she had heard the last of her Ferengi tormentor.

“How the hell did he get her?”, Nicole demanded.

“Zek made a deal with Kaffee the Hutt to begin a trade relationship between Latinum Luxury, the casino here in Opera.”, Tan explained.

“This is how it begins. The criminal underground creates a subversive underbelly that tears at the very fabric of our society.”, Nicole frowned. She had read the Millenium Insectia Briefing Document on The Hutt Syndicate and Kaffee (pronounced Coffee) the Hutt. She was disgusted.

She had to go to the surface and speak to Zek about his deal. Nicole was furious.

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