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PostSubject: FederatIon Observer   Tue May 22, 2018 8:16 pm

Starfleet is a very different place in 2395. It continues to distance itself from the independent fleet history and even from the promotional line from the regional fleets that led to Admirals like Vincent Viceroy, Tan and Deveniss headed Starfleet Command.

Starfleet has reverted to the primary line that begins with Starfleet Academy through to the leadership model. Admiral Walter Windsor is a graduate of this model. Walter has followed an old school path rising through command of the USS Fleetwood, a sovereign class ship that served in the Klingon Sector through to the Admiralty and now is in command of Starfleet.

Walter has been the driving force behind a regional fleet being assigned to the Multiverse Rift. He did not want to risk Starfleet resources on the incursion. Walter has been disillusioned by the reports of magical acts, a mythical battle fought with swords between forces on either side of the faith. Walter closely followed the secular humanism model that has been the foundation of Federation Culture.

Walter wanted to monitor the activities of the King’s Fleet but did not want to get intertwined with King’s Fleet leadership. The truth is the King’s Fleet command is a threat to his leadership needs now that they are on active duty once more.

It was Walter who suggested that his daughter, Lieutenant Monica Windsor be assigned to Governor’s Station.

Monica was absolutely impressed by Governor’s Station which was more of a glass City then the stations she was used to. She listened closely as Admiral Deveniss talked about its history and the models that orbited the Omega Colony, the Phoenix Colony, the Bajoran Colony of Ephyra and the Klingon Colony of Reykja Penthe. Monica loved all the action that had been part of the King’s Fleet history. Her life had been filling out astrometric charts aboard the the USS Atlantis.

Deveniss was very impressed with the Stellar Cartographer turned Federation Observer. She listened intently to him. Deveniss invited her to join him for supper. He was very surprised when she accepted.

She wanted to know more about his history, about the King’s Fleet and what he knew of this Galactic Empire. She listened in admiration as the Selayan weaved his grand tale. She could see that the Selayan known for sleeping times. Monica stood up to bid him adieu. She wanted to thank him in some way so the beautiful young lady kissed him on his snake like snout.

Deveniss smiled as the youthful beauty walked away,

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Admiral Deveniss of Selay
Commanding Officer
Governor’s Station
Orbiting Badlands 827
King’s Fleet Deputy Commander in Chief

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FederatIon Observer
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