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 A Bounty On Their Heads

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Nicole Branson

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PostSubject: A Bounty On Their Heads   Tue May 22, 2018 8:17 pm

Nicole sat in Latinum Luxury still fuming over the binding of the Hutt Syndicate near a Jakku and Ferengi Underground under Zek Ishka. She and Ishka had engaged in a violent shouting match.

Nicole was sitting with the Jedi Master Vreez Sunna when Dragos Kaffee, a Zabrak Bounty Hunter came up with a data pad. The Zabrak told Nicole and Vreez that Lady Thylara has put a bounty on their heads. She would like Branson alive but has encouraged those loyal to her Galactic Empire either by blind support or simply by the credits to kill Master Sunna.

Depro Ishka, a Zabrak slave girl presented to Zek Ishka as a gift by Kaffee the Hutt came out to confront Dragos. She screamed at him in the Zabrak tongue but Nicole was saavy enough to get the loyalty oath part. Dragos told Depro in Federation Standard that there is no loyalty to the Hutt and no deals to be made with the Syndicate.

Ishka was furious and Ferenginar National forced the Zabrak Bounty Hunter outside the casino. Zek looked at Nicole, “There will be others now. They will come for you. You should leave now.”

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Zek Ishka
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A Bounty On Their Heads
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