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 Camelot: A Tale of Two Universes

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Nicole Branson

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PostSubject: Camelot: A Tale of Two Universes   Tue May 22, 2018 8:22 pm

The Badlands have always been a dark and dangerous place but beginning seven months ago, it took an even more bizarre turn when a Starfleet Temporal Experiment created a multiverse rift which has led to Starfleet being exposed to the Galactic Empire.

Almost immediately Starfleet declared the zone off limits to all vessels and the medium size asteroid that was near the entry of the multiverse rift was immediately set up as a military base and placed directly in the path of the rift so large vessels will not be able to pass into Federation space.

After several ships were lost in interactions with what the other universe calls a Star Destroyer, Starfleet ended all operations in the region.

Starfleet has reached out to the independent King’s Fleet to assist in maintaining the neutral zone between the Galactic Empire and the Federation.
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Camelot: A Tale of Two Universes
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