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 Droid Discoveries

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Nicole Branson

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PostSubject: Droid Discoveries   Sun May 27, 2018 2:12 pm

The Mirilan bounty hunter entered Latium Luxury heased straight towards Zek Isha. She asked about payment and where the Ferengi based Latinum was accepted as currency.

Zek explained Fereginar Rules of Acquisition and areas of known space that would accept Latinum. The Mirilan smiled and turned over the older R2 unit to the Ferengi tader.

Zek immediately went to see Governor Branson. He wanted guarantees that the King’s Fleet and it's civilian government would not interfere with his trade agreement with Kaffe the Hutt.

Nicole was furious. She offered no deals to the Ferengi criminal. Zek smiled, “You might change your mind once you see this.”

The as yet unnamed Asttomech Droid came out of the back.

“That's right. It is an R2 unit complete with regional stellar cartography for the region around Jakku.”, Zek smiled.

Nicole salivated at the potential knowledge. She however knew the dangers of the Ferengi forming an alliance with the Hutt and the potential seeding of an underground criminal element on Card assistance and Bajoran where the provisional governments were still relatively weak. Nicole was prepared to walk away.

Vincent however was not. It would take decades to amass similar knowledge of the edge of the inner rim of worlds in the galactic empire. With the force shield created by Jedi Master Vreez Sunna, only the Stingers fighter squadron have ventured into Imperial Space through the Multiverse Rift.

Vincent looked at Zek, “We will take the deal.”

Nicole was furious. They don't make deal with criminals. She stormed out of the room.

Vincent looked at Deveniss, “If we did not buy it, the Romulans or the Klingons would. The potential mineral resources alone make it worth the effort.”

“Aye, Admiral.”, Deveniss responded. The Selayan understood.

Vincent invited Nicole to Governor’s Station. He wanted a chance to explain. Nicole could and was acting like a spoiled teenager just huffing as Vincent showed her maps of the world's near Jakku, introduced her to Mero and Renee Devreon’s father, Amiro. The human born of Courascant had proclaimed himself Emperor in Exile and patron of Lady Thylara. All this knowledge came from that Astromech Droid.

Vincent also introduced her to Worc Gavishom, President of the New Republic. The bird like Calibob is a distance relative of the Gavishom who held the role during Princess Leia Organa Solo’s exile.

Nicole finally spoke up, “Him we need to meet.”

Vincent had finally broken through her pouting facade. Vincent then took a deep breath. Vincent explained that all Hutts aspire to the level of Jabba the Hurt. They want to be like him and want emulate his actions and even his court.

Nicole did not understand what this meant for her. Vincent took a deep breath and told the Governor that Kaffee the Hutt sees her as the regional Princess Leia and has told his inner circle that he longs for the day when she dances on the end of a chain in his court.

Nicole gasped as Vincent produces some images of her dancing as a hologram in his court. She was wearing virtually nothing. Nicole was sickened by the imagery.

Vincent looked at her and then played the audio first in Huttese and then in Federation Standard.

Kaffee had obviously learned that Nicole was a lesbian and offered his very lathe and slimy tongue as a prize for the Governor. Nicole almost vomited at the very disgusting thought.

Vincent looked at her, “We would not have this knowledge without the deal with Ishka.”

Nicole thought in horror of being touched by the Hutt. Perhaps they were better off not knowing.

Vincent looked at Nicole as they were joined in the Tactical Pod of Governor's Station by General Brown and Colonel Beamon. The King’s Fleet marines had enjoyed several ground victories over Thylara’s Shocktroopers.

The Antican and the Bolian wondered why they had been brought up here. Vincent weaved a detailed history of the Clone Wars and it's history in Imperial Space. He then introduced the B1 Battle Droids. The tan skinned robots were known for their ineptitude, their silly voices but still achieved many victories by simply overwhelming their opponents by numbers.
Bell and Zoe were puzzled by the history lesson and it's significance. Vincent made another Astromech Droid revelation. Thylara has learned that the old Droids can pass through Master Sunna’s Force Shield. Vincent looked at Bell and Zoe, “As near ad we can discern, they are coming. Thylara is scouring the rim worlds looking fir an old Droid factory. Once she has that, they will be coming for Camelot and that is just the start.”

Bell looked at Zoe, “We will be ready.”

“We’d better be.”, Vincent looked at the ground.

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Droid Discoveries
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