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 A Lizard’s Hand

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Nicole Branson

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PostSubject: A Lizard’s Hand   Sun May 27, 2018 2:20 pm

Monica had heard tales of the Tie Fighters. The Stingers Fighter Squadron had engaged with the 619th Tie Fighter Squadron, The Dead Birds losing multiple fighters to the eerie ships with the large reflector panels on the side. The very appearance struck fear in the enemy.

Monica hated the fighter firing on the shields of Governor’s. There was little or no chance of penetration but the visuals were still scary and the noise, even with all the dampeners on Governor's was horrible.

Monica knew her duty. She followed Deveniss everywhere. The Selayan knew she was scared as he scrambled the Stingers. He walked over and stood close to his human tag along. Monica could not help herself. She put her human hand into the clawed hand of the Selayan. She was almost in tears as she watched the highly skilled tie pilots out manoever the Stingers taking our at least two of Prince Charles pilots.

Deveniss called the fighters back. This was a no win situation. The bombardment continued for a while before the Ties finally broke off to return to imperial space.

Deveniss frowned. This was a test. They were gauging the shields. They were also thinning the Stingers. This was a win for Thylara and her Galactic Empire.

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A Lizard’s Hand
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