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 Old Memories

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Nicole Branson

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PostSubject: Old Memories    Sun May 27, 2018 2:21 pm

In what seemed so long ago now, Nicole Branson’s first real friend at the Omega Academy was Robert E. Leo, a Caitian who was little more than a security guard at the Academy under Rear Admiral Jake Anderson.

Leo would help Nicole feel safe after surviving the horrors of her service to Admiral Bruce Montgomery. Nicole needed someone and Robert was that real malw friend. He did not want sex. He was just a fine gentlemen who followed Nicole throughout the worlds of her service to the Omega Fleet, the Phoenix Fleet and King’s Fleet. Robert died in service to Governor Branson. Robert died.

Nicole was still coming to grip with the deal that Vincent had made with Zek Ishka and by inference Kaffee the Hutt. She wanted to know more. She was also trying to come to grips with the fighting between the King’s Fleet Marines and ancient battle Droids. It was a silly scenario and she hated it.

Nicole was trying to find out more about Dala Kaffee, the Mirilan Bounty Hunter that brought the Droid to Camelot. She had reached out to Tan for some regular police service personnel.

Nicole was in the Governor's office when Robert E Leo, the Caitian from her past cake walking in. Nicole saw Robert and started to cry. She ran over and hugged him. She was in tears.

Nicole asked Robert about how he ended up here. Robert explained that he was wondering in the outskirts of the city when he was found by an Antican soldier and brought to Opera. At Opera, Admiral Viceroy put him in a holosuite so he could see the future.

Nicole asked Robert to find out what he could about Dala Kaffee and the green skinned Mirilan. Robert agreed to spend sometime with Ishka to find out what he could.

Nicole encouraged Robert to go to Castle in the Sky in Imperial Space and see what he could find out over there. She also gave Robert a second order.

“Try to find out what you can about Thylara before she joined the Empire.”, Nicole asked.

“When she was here and murdered the Ferengi she had the advantage yet when she saw me with Brenna she stopped. It touched her somehow. Perhaps it was her own memory with her mother or as a mother.”, Nicole requested.

“And how might I do that?”, Robert asked.

“You cheated death. You will figure it out.”, Nicole smiled kissing the soft furred Caitian on the cheek.

Robert could only smile.

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Old Memories
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