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 The Rule of Two

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Nicole Branson

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PostSubject: The Rule of Two   Sun May 27, 2018 2:22 pm

There is an ancient Sith proverb called the Rule of Two. There will always be two sith: A Lord and an apprentice. This was true for Sidious and Vader. Thylara believed it was trhe for her and Vader and after Vader’s death, for her and Palpatine once more yet now amongst this Multiverse Rift, she was alone searching for either her master or for someone worthy to be her apprentice.

Thylara had used the Hand of Thrawn not to communicate with the worlds of wild space and the unknown regions but to create the temporal Rift to allow her to find Vader before Luke had polluted his soul with memories of a life lost or to bring back Palpatine. Hell at this point she would settle for Thrawn himself. At least the Grand Admiral would be able to reaffirm Imperial Forces and drove back for Courascant.

There is another lesser known rule of two. Whereever there is a mouthy Astromech Droid with attitude, there is always a Protocol Droid who is afraid of its shadow. Thus legend was perpetuated not by Sidious and Vader but by R2D2 and C3P0. This duo has a legendary place in the history of the Rebellion and the Republic which serves as its monument.

When Robert E Leo spent time with Master Sunna, he learned of C810-P0. The Protocol Droid was the Imperial Chronicler for Lady Thylara. For Robert, this would be a find.

Robert would come to learn that C810-P0 was often in the company of R2-407 who had been an incredible resource for the King’s Fleet in understanding Imperial Space, the politics of the fall of Thrawn, Vader and Palpatine and the remnants if the Empire at Jakku under Thylara.

Robert simply had to get his hands on this Protocol Droid. Master Sunna told him how things got done in the sector. You either paid the Hutt directly or sublet to a smuggler or bounty hunter.

Robert reached out to Click and Tanus not to kidnap the Protocol Droid but to get word to Dala Kaffee that he would pay her for the Droid. He wanted to separate the Mirilan from the Hutt.

Dala showed her true colors by bringing the Protocol Droid to Castle in the Sky. Robert used the credits smuggled by Click and Tanus to pay the Mirilan but more than that, he and Dala talked about their history, their worlds and her debts to Kaffee.

Robert has such a gentle way about him. Nicole had learned this so long ago at the Omega Academy. Dala learned this on Castle in the Sky. She actually rested her head on his shoulder as she told him about getting caught stealing from Kaffee and trading her life for service to the Hutt. He could have killed her but spared her life in exchange for her collecting bounties on behalf of the Hutt Syndicate. She was good at it. Kaffee loved her for it.

It was eerily unnerving for Robert as he listened to Dala describe dancing for Kaffee on a chain wearing little or nothing. It was not the same but it was the same disgusting behaviour and abuse of power that Nicole bad endured in Star fleet at the hands of Admiral Bruce Montgomery. Robert had been Nicole’s shoulder to cry on and now he was doing it again for Dala.

The incident with Admiral Montgomery had so soured Nicole that she swore off the company of men. Robert half expected Dala to be the same.

The Caitian was stuneed when the Mirilan kissed him on the snout. Dala looked at Robert, “You are such a good listener.”

Robert smiled. Dala looked at Robert, “Take me back to Camelot with you.”

Robert was stunned.

Vincent was furious with the Civilian Police Officer. He screamed at Robert and Nicole about the possibility that the Mirilan was a spy for either the Hutt Syndicate or for Thylara herself. Robert had brought her to Governor’s Station. He had brought the green skinned bounty hunter to the heart of their operation.

Nicole just scoffed. Tan and his people were overjoyed as C810-P0 started filling in the gaps in the stories and map explanations from R2-D407. This was a huge win for the King’s Fleet after several losses to the Black Cats and to the Battle Droids.

Robert was back at Opera when he heard a knock on his door. The Caitian opened the door to Dala Kaffee and Nicole Branson. Nicole told Robert that Vincent agreed to let the Mirilan stay as long she was kept under full surveillance. Nicole looked at Robert, “I thought she could stay here.”

Robert smiled uniting the Bounty Hunter into his home. Robert made her up a bed on his couch. Dala smiled as Robert returned to his bed.

Robert was only partly asleep when he felt Dala crawl into his bed. She looked at Robert, “I thought it would be easier for you to monitor my behavior if I was closer to you.”

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The Rule of Two
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