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 Idols, I have too

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Nicole Branson

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PostSubject: Idols, I have too   Sun May 27, 2018 2:24 pm

Dala looked at Robert, “I must go back. You do not understand the Hutt. Kaffee will kill me, kill you and complete his mission to turn Governor Branson into a slave girl. I cannot have that on me.”

Dala kissed Robert on the snout and boarded her smuggler’s vessel heading back the Hutt base near Jakku.

Dala weaved a great tale for Kaffee as she described her brutal light sabre battle with Master Vreez Sunna. The Rhodian had stolen the Imperial Chronicler Droid. Kaffee was furious ordering Dala beaten for her insubordination. Two servants wearing on leather cod pieces stepped forward armed with bull whips lashing out at the Mirialan bounty hunter who feel to her knees screaming.

Dala reminded Kaffee that he had stolen C810-P0 from Thylara to learn more about the Sith Apprentice and whether he could support her standing against the Galactic Republic or as an alternative if she could be bought. The droid proved little more than an entertaining storyteller. It offered little in terms of revelation about controlling Lady Thylara. Dala pleaded for her life saying that she had other news about the colony.

Kaffee ordered the beatings to stop. Dala described the Caitians of Federation Space which would closely resemble the Cathur of the Old Republic. Dala also warned that Governor Branson had hired a Caitian to serve as the civilian police chief for the city of Opera.

Kaffee demanded to know if this Caitian could be bought off. Dala told the Hutt that it was too soon to say. Kaffee ordered his bounty hunter back to Opera to find out if this alien can be influenced by the Hutt. Kaffee looked at the odd smirk on the face of the Mirialan, “If he cannot be turned, Dala. Kill him.”

“I live to repay my debt, your eminence.”, Dala kneeled.

Kaffee smiled motioning her closer. The hideous slug licked her cheek and neck. It was so disgusting.

Robert was reviewing materials provided by R2-D407 on the Hutt Syndicate, on Jabba himself and on other criminal elements in the Imperial worlds. Robert heard a knock on the door. He walked over slowly believing it was Governor Branson. He was very surprised to see Dala Kaffee. The Mirialan looked at the Caitian, “I have been ordered by Kaffee to monitor your behaviour to see if you can be bought by the Syndicate to use Opera as a launching point in Federation Space.”

“I have been told that I am to use whatever means necessary to seduce you.”, Dala dropped her clothing in the doorway of the Chief of Police.

Robert saw the lash marks, “How did you get those?”

Robert pulled her inside his place.

“Kaffee beat me for losing the Chronicler Droid.”, Dala winced as Robert gently touched the marks.

They were soon on the bed. Dala was bouncing on top of the Caitian. Dala grinned, “Kaffee told me to seduce you. I am only doing what I was told.”

Robert looked up at the beautiful green skinned alien, “I won’t let you go back to him.”

“I can’t go back if you are still alive.”, Dala grinned.

Robert met with Nicole. He explained the debt to Kaffee for Dala. Nicole did not understand the politics of the region. Nicole, Robert and Dala went to Castle in the Sky. There they would meet up with Click and Tanus. The pair had become a smuggler legend in the region. Nicole asked the Xindi about debt in Imperial Space. Click weaved tales in full regalia about Han Solo, Lando Calrissian and the horrors of owing the Hutt or the Black Sun. Nicole was mortified. Her life in Starfleet was not perfect but it never had this type of horror. She had built her colonies and there were seven of them on the premise that there would be enough for all.

Nicole asked Click to broker a deal with Kaffee to release Dala. Click promised to do what he could.

Kaffee agreed to play Sabacc against a representative of the King’s Fleet. If the representative beat the Hutt, he would free Dala Kaffee however if the representative lost, Kaffee would get to execute Robert E Leo, take Nicole Branson as his slave girl and Dala would remain in service to him.

Nicole told Click that the price was too high. She would not play. Dala would have to go back. Robert looked at Nicole, “I will play.”

“No!”, Dala shouted, “You could die.”

Robert looked at Dala, “I have to die anyway. You have to kill me. I will not yield the rule of law to Kaffee so you are bound by your debt to kill me.”

“I should be dead anyway. I am only alive because Lady Thylara creates a temporal rift which cascaded to become a Multiverse Rift which affected lifespans in the timeline. I am alive because of a mistake in an entirely separate universe. Should I die, balance could begin to be restored. Should I win, Dala is free.”, Robert looked at Nicole.

“How can you learn Sabacc at the level of a Hutt Master in the short time before the game?”, Nicole frowned.

“Two ways.”, Dala interrupted, “Master Sunna will teach him the game. I will show him the Hutt tricks. It is worth the gamble.”

“No it’s not.”, Click walked away clicking in the language of the Xindi Insectoids. Click is one to talk. He bested Kaffee in the game of chance to win his freedom.

If Sabacc is tied after all hands are played, it is decided by a dice roll. There is no science to the game of chance. There is no skill involved. It is just luck. Robert could not beat Kaffee. He could only match his wits. Kaffee could not put away the defensive Caitian.

Kaffee grinned as he looked at Dala, “Ignite your quarterstaff, my bounty hunter. I will allow the Cathar variant to roll first and when I best him, I will sit here laughing as you cut him in half.”

The Hutt gave a great belly laugh made so famous by Jabba himself. Kaffee looked at his slave, “Remove the garments from Governor Branson. A slave girl should not dress like that.”

The gladiator clad slaves stepped forward. Vincent stood up with Bell and Zoe at his side. Nicole raised her hands. The King’s Fleet leadership stood down. Nicole gasped as the burly slaves tore her clothes off. Nicole tried to cover her grey Starfleet issue bra and boxers. Kaffee laughed once more. He showed her his massive tongue. Nicole shivered. Dala turned away.

Robert rolled, rolling a 7. The Sabacc random number chosen was 23, the score of a perfect hand or Pure Sabacc. Kaffee laughed once more. 16 numbers would beat the 7. Dala started to cry as she stepped forward cutting the bra straps on Nicole’s undergarments exposing her breasts after a Kaffee said something in Huttese. Dala disconnected her quarterstaff into the two lightsabers that made up the Mirialan weapon. She put a blade on each side of the neck of Robert E Leo. Robert looked up at her with those wet cat eyes. There was no one not watching. Dala was openly sobbing.

Kaffee took the random number generating dice. He licked his lips once more looking at Nicole. He tossed the dice.

It was a….

Six! Kaffee rolled a six. Dala dropped her lightsabers to the floor falling to her knees. Kaffee looked at Robert and then at Nicole, “This is not over. You will be my trophy one day.”

Robert stood up, “Kaffee Desilijic, you are charged with conspiracy and are ordered into custody immediately or into exile. The choice is yours.”

Kaffee’s great sled hovered up and moved from the atrium aboard the Castle in the Sky. His slave entourage followed.

Nicole grabbed her clothing. Dala just stood there stunned. She was free. For the first time that she could truly recall, she was not bound to the Hutt.

The King’s Fleet entourage headed for Camelot. The Millenium Insectia could be seen flying off. Click looked at Tanus, “That was a close one.”

Tanus smiled. He laid a Sabacc Random Dice on the console. Tanus walked from the cockpit. Click looked at the die. He picked it up and started rolling it in his fingers. The Xindi finally tossed the die. It rolled a six. The roll brought back memories of the tie that saw him freed from Kaffee too. Kaffee rolled a six. Wait a minute. Kaffee rolled a six.

Click got up and followed his Gorn bodyguard into the mess hall. Click looked at Tanus, “Hey.”

Click tossed the die. It rolled a six. Yes it rolled a six again. Click repeated, “Hey!”

Tanus looked at Click, “Some things are too important to leave to chance.”

“But how?”, Click demanded thinking about his own escape game.

“You have your idols in this universe.”, Tanus referred to Click’s fascination with Han Solo. It was that fascination that led the Xindi to recruit Tanus of Gorn to be his Chewbacca.

Click looked at his big fella puzzled.

“Idols I have too.”, Tanus spoke in his best Yoda impression.

Click gasped knowing the mythology of the legendary Jedi Master. Tanus winked heading up to his quarters. Click just stood there in shock.

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Idols, I have too
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