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 A Target On Both Sides of the Rift

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Nicole Branson

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PostSubject: A Target On Both Sides of the Rift   Sun May 27, 2018 2:26 pm

One of the earliest symbols of cooperation and forgiveness in service to the regional fleets was the USS / CGV Tanmesad which served Admiral Tim Veltkamp and the Omega Fleet in 2388, just two short years after the USS Enterprise under Captain Jean Luc Picard demonstr the greatness that Starfleet was capable of.

Gul Vash Enranet, once a devilish Legate in the Cardassian Union took a Galor Class Cardassian vessel and wrote his own history demonstrating that even a great enemy of the Federation could be rehabilitated as a symbol of peaceful cooperation in the worlds around the Omega Colony and its wonderful Academy.

It was here that Gul Enranet would meet the Rear Admiral Nicole Branson. Enranet would follow Branson throughout her civilian service as a member of the King’s Fleet. Vash came here to Badlands 827 to stand with Branson and Admiral Vincent Viceroy against a potential invasion into Federation Space by Lady Thylara and the remnants of her failed Galactic Empire.

Prior to the blockade by Jedi Master Vreez Sunna, the Tanmesad had made many journeys into Imperial Space. Vash was fascinated by the reality, its amazing fascist history under Emperor Sheev Palpatine. He saw so many parallels to the rise of the Cardassian Union. He knew the perils such fascism presented. He had seen it first hand. Hell he had been its instrument.

After the blockade, Vash and his first officer Commander Tania Branson would take a Stinger Fighter and continue to explore the worlds of the edges of the inner rim around Jakku. It was during one of these sojourns that they picked up a Bajoran signal from a sandy moon near Jakku.

Vash decided to investigate and it was on this tiny moon of sand that he and Tania found Colonel Acrylos Teero. Teero was the mechanical genius who created industrial replication in service to the King’s Fleet; a process that has accelerated colonization a hundred fold in the worlds of the United Federation of Planets. Teero had lost his life in service to the King’s Fleet but as Tania learned in her debriefing Teero has been reborn in this reality four years ago as part of the Multiverse Rift. Teero has lived virtually alone on this tiny moon for those four years.

Teero would also introduce Vash and Tania to the fourth Death Star hidden behind the moon of Jakku. Tania gasped at the sheer magnitude. Teero would explain that Lady Thylara had begun its construction shortly after setting up shop in the region. Teero theorized that once Thylara had what she wanted, she would fire the Death Star at the Multiverse Rift sealing the rift.

Tania was pleased. This would end the problem once and for all. Teero cautioned that the rift would have to be sealed with a tremendous amount of debris which could only come from the destruction of Badlands 827.

“But we live there.”, Tania exclaimed.

Teero then followed up his revelation. The Bajoran believed that the planetoid was not quite large enough to seal the rift as a floating rock with a monitoring station and communications array on its surface. It would need one or more cities to create the mass necessary to close the Multiverse Rift.

“Could Starfleet have known?”, Vash inquired.

“Oh I am quite certain of it.”, Teero announced.

Starfleet appears to have manipulated the King’s Fleet into colonizing Badlands 827 in order to match the formulaic size of the Multiverse Rift. Teero theorized that the data came from Thylara herself. President LaBarbara and Admiral Wilson have likely had contact with Admiral Devreon throughout the interaction.

“So once they find Vader or Palpatine, they will fire on Camelot, seal the rift and begin their assault on the Imperial Center.”, Vash observed.

“I agree with the premise.”, Teero responded, “But I believe the target temporal existence may be older like the Zabrak Apprentice Darth Maul or even older. I believe that Thylara has already found deceased Sith Yupe Tashu and it is Tashu’s influence that has led to searching further back in history. Tashu would have known of Vader’s turning in the company of Luke Skywalker and of the singular power of Darth Sidious who was corrupted by the power and was not able to survive as the Dark Lord of the Sith. Thylara is very dangerous. Once she finds her target, she will turn the retreating King’s Fleet back on the Imperial Center and she and Amiro Devreon will take back the Republic.”

Teero returned to Governor’s Station as a surviving hero. Deveniss, Monica Wilson and the staff welcomed the Bajoran genius to the station he helped design so many years ago. Monica was stunned to learn of the Teero theory and tried to discount the theory on the basis that her father was a good man.

Colonel Teero stated that he had no doubt that her father’s motivations were good. Starfleet had started to migrate the power base back to Paris in 2395 even before the crisis of the Multiverse Rift. This was one of the reasons for stopping the King’s Fleet’s last colonial efforts 3 years ago.

Colonel Teero however cautioned Commander Monica Wilson that the King’s Fleet may have officially ceased operations but Admirals Viceroy, Deveniss and Tan continued to wield large amounts of power within Starfleet. All had been the Fleet Commander of The some 80000 vessels in Starfleet. This would be a wonderful opportunity for Admiral Walter Wilson to rid himself of some important rivals.

Monica looked at Deveniss. The Selayan had become her protector in this crisis. She had stood on the Operations Deck of Governor’s with him as the Black Cats had attacked. He had comforted her spirits as she feared for her life. Monica realized in that revelation that her father had put her in the line of fire. He would have no idea when Thylara would find her quarry and fire on the planetoid. She had been a handful but was that worth killing her for.

Monica was sitting alone in the officer’s lounge when Deveniss walked in. All personnel were adjusting to the understanding that they were the sacrificial human shield. Some were even leaving that station and planetoid below.

Deveniss walked over, “You can leave if you like.”

“I think it’s too late for that. My career would be ruined if I left. I would have abandoned the mission. If I revealed why I would destroy my father and perhaps call something I still believe in, Starfleet into disrepute as a corrupt organization. I am stuck here.”, Monica frowned.

“If it’s any consolation, I do not believe you were put here simply to eliminate you. I believe you were put here because when Badlands 827 is destroyed and people like Nicole, Viceroy, Tan and myself are killed, there will be nothing in the investigation that could lead to the fact that Admiral Walter Wilson knew and sacrificed the King’s Fleet and its leadership because why would he knowingly put his daughter in that same line of fire. It is not logical.”, The sage Selayan responded.

“So I am a political pawn.”, Monica scoffed.

“As I have learned from the vessel commanding officers, from the Stingers and from the captives, R2-D407 and C810-P0, Lady Thylara can be very convincing. Perhaps Admiral Wilson was manipulated into believing this was the only option. She is Sith.”, Deveniss explained.

“Though the Federation has evolved into a secular humanist culture, these worlds still are corrupted by faith. Faith blinds people and manipulates believers.”, Deveniss warned.

“Oh would it be so simple.”, Acrylos joined them.

“Faith is a foundation for great acts of good as well, Admiral. We Bajorans would have succumbed to the Cardassian occupation without it. The Republic would not have risen against the Empire without the Jedi not would the Republic have stood for centuries without the Jedi Knights.”, Acrylos grinned.

Things are never easy and now that the King’s Fleet knows it’s a target on both sides of the Multiverse Rift, it won’t be any easier.

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A Target On Both Sides of the Rift
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