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 The Fourth Death Star

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: The Fourth Death Star   Sat Jun 02, 2018 4:21 pm

Click was holding court in the Observation Orb of Governor’s Station as the Xindi Insectoid turned Imperial Underground Smuggler weaved the legendary tale of Luke Skywalker and the first Death Star and it’s devastating destruction. Click was like a child telling the stories of a superhero as he gleefully told the story.

Click told the audience that the same approach would be used in destroying the Fourth Death Star near the moon of Jakku. The obvious question was, “Don’t you think the Imperial Navy would have solved the exhaust vent problem.”

Click quickly responded, “All of the Death Stars were constructed in secret and in isolation from each other. The Fourth Death Star has the same flaw.”

“What if Lady Thylara thought of this in her quest to resurrect a legendary Sith?”, Colonel Teero questioned.

“I don’t follow.”, Click responded.

The Bajoran engineer looked at the newbie smuggler, “I spent years looking up at that thing. I was alone. I had time to put together of few theories.”

“These things are amazing.”, Colonel Teero looked at R2-D407 as the Astromech Droid rolled in.

“Initially I believed that the beeps were simply audio response to calculations and computations but I have come to understand that they are actually a language and the brain of this little wonder is truly amazing. He has seen things and done things since the early days of the Old Republic. He has a theory; nay a prediction. R2-D407, or my buddy Seven has proposed the theory that Lady Thylara knew that once discovered, the Republic would move on its destruction.”, Teero explained.

“The Sith Lord has two possible outcomes. She will fire on the Multiverse Rift or the Republic or perhaps even the King’s Fleet will destroy the Death Star and it’s own debris field will close the rift. Win-win!”, Teero frowned.

Click looked out at the shadow of the Death Star through the rift. This is never as easy at it seems.

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The Fourth Death Star
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