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 Protect the Death Star

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Protect the Death Star   Sat Jun 02, 2018 4:22 pm

Captain John Warren confirmed interaction with the 962nd X-Wing Fighter Squadron, The Dead Birds. The Quest confirms that the Dead Birds Are planning an assault run on the Jakku Death Star. John was not able to confirm the date but he briefed the senior command on the potential devastation.

Viceroy looked at Deveniss and Tan, “Maybe this is the break we needed.”

John reminded the leadership that the destruction of the Fourth Death Star would likely destroy Camelot. Tan looked at the group, “We have to find some way to render the Station inoperable.”

“Or to make Thylara not want to use it.”, Nicole interrupted.

Vincent looked at the Governor with that same disdain he often has. She was the cheerleader at the senior table. She was ditz who served as the likeable face of the King’s Fleet; something she had parlayed all the way to the Presidency of the United Federation of Planets. He tolerated her because for whatever reason people liked her. She has an amazing way of balancing things. This makes her a great negotiator. This was not a negotiation.

Vincent continued to review the potential outcome of the Dead Birds attack on the Death Star. Nicole finally busted into the conversation, “Do you remember when Thylara came here to attack the Ferengi?”

The senior leadership just looked at Nicole like she was talking gibberish. Nicole continued, “She looked over at me and Brenna and she stopped. She was obviously feeling something.”

Nicole smiled as she thought about her and Brenna. She thought those days were lost.

Vincent looked at Nicole trying to figure out where her mind was going.

“Like Colonel Teero, I am garnering a tremendous respect for the Droid Makers of the Republic and Imperial Forces. C810-P0 is an amazing person and has amazing knowledge as an Imperial Chronicler Droid. She knows and has followed the lineage. She watched as Sheev Palpatine turned Anakin Skywalker. She watched as Vader took Thylara as his trainee.”, Nicole explained. She could not believe that she called the Droid a person.

“Vader took her from Takadona and molded her mind to his will. He created her. He made her a Sith Lord. Lady Thylara and the darkness she brought to the region was built by Vader himself.”, Nicole repeated what they all knew.

Vincent looked at her, “Is there a point to all this?”

“C810-P0 has revealed that Thylara was a brilliant young Officer in the Imperial Fleet. She was the daughter of a Takadona land baron.”, Nicole finally made her revelation.

“So what does this mean?”, Vincent blurted out annoyed at the destruction.

“If Click’s legends are true and Anakin Skywalker was turned and killed Darth Sidious, perhaps Thylara can be turned as well. Perhaps she can remember the young officer bound by duty and she will abandon her quest to bring back the Sith and the Galactic Empire.”, Nicole theorized.

“These are stories for children. She cannot be turned.”, Viceroy frowned.

“If the Dead Birds destroy the Death Star, we are done for.”, Tan brought back on topic.

“Launch Prince Charles and his Stingers. His orders are to first try to make the Republic Forces understand our predicament or if they cannot, the Stingers are ordered to engage the X Wings.”, Vincent ordered. The room fell silent.

“We must protect the Death Star.”, Vincent spoke words never to be spoken by a Federation Officer.

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Protect the Death Star
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