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 Loss After Loss

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PostSubject: Loss After Loss   Sat Jun 02, 2018 4:23 pm

Cardassian Thua’ra Varno has been a lot of things in his lifetime. Thua’ra rose to the rank of Gul in service to the Cardassian Union. He became disillusioned with the totalitarian authority and left for Federation Space as a refugee. He would come to serve as a tactical officer on the USS Quasar Quest. He became a tactical specialist on Governor’s Station.

He would become a citizen of the Phoenix Colony helping to establish a colony city in honour of Lakaria City to provide a home for Cardassians leaving the Union. He would become Governor and on a path of devastation consumed by the very totalitarian ways he had abandoned. Elim Garak would help get Varno back on the right path and helping him become a good man once more.

When Varno heard about the King’s Fleet assignment, he came back to Badlands 827. He thought he could find peace. Varno did find something else; something very interesting. Varno came to learn about the Galactic Empire. He would come to learn about Darth Vader, a black clad Demigod. He was impressed. This was what the Cardassians wanted; extreme order.

Varno took a shuttle from the USS Archangel. The medical shuttle would not be seen as a threat by a Thylara and the remnants of her empire. He could get close. He could speak to her or to Admiral Rence Devreon on his father Emperor Amiro Devreon.

The Cardassian did get his audience with the Sith Lord. Varno bared his soul regarding Cardassian history, the Union, the black uniforms and the resemblance to the Galactic Empire. Varno told Thylara he wanted to be her black clad symbol. He could be Darth Varno.

Thylara laughed out loud as only a Sith Lord can. Thylara went on a dark and vial tirade about the superiority of the human line and her disgust at the sight of the white lizard. Varno was devastated. Her empire was crumbling; destroyed by the fall of Thrawn and torn apart by the failure of the Thrawn clone. Yet, she turned her back on a Cardassian and the potential alliance with the Cardassian Union and perhaps even access to Jem’Hadar clones. She left him feeling small, insignificant and inferior.

Varno returned to Federation Space rendezvousing with the Tanmesad. The Cardassian went down to the Galley of the once mighty Galor Class. There was Galileo Leo whipping off the counter. The Caitian has been everything. He had risen from this pathetic tiny role as the cook aboard the Tanmesad to the role of Admiral in the King’s Fleet. He has commanded stations yet here he was washing tables on the Tanmesad.

Varno looked at him, “How do you do it? How do you keep smiling through all this?”

“In the end, Gul Varno, all we have is who we are. When Starfleet took down the King’s Fleet, when the central command decided that the regional fleet authorities were getting too powerful, they wrecked the King’s Fleet. They made our service irrelevant and non transferable. I became nothing once more. I had no rank when I joined the Federation Cardassian joint project on the Tanmesad. I was a cook who wanted to leave Cait and get into space. I achieved that goal. I won, Varno. I won; anything after was gravy.”, Galley smiled, “So back here I am still a winner.”

Varno thought about Thylara going off on him berating him as a lizard, a non-human and less than important. He was devastated. Varno looked at Galileo, “If she figures this out and finds her Apprentice or worse her master and she destroys Camelot. We lose. If she figures out how to advance her forces into Republic Space, we lose. Her rebuilt empire will move on the United Federation of Planets. We lose.”

“We will figure this out. We always do. Vincent and Nicole will find a way.”, Galley responded.

Varno looked at him, “Like they did when Starfleet shutdown the regional fleets.”

Varno stormed from the Galley. The losses are mounting up.

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Loss After Loss
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