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 Child Jedi to Sith Lord

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PostSubject: Child Jedi to Sith Lord   Sat Jun 02, 2018 4:24 pm

Aayla came walking in on Governor Branson. The Twilek looked at the civilian governor of the colony of Camelot. She had heard the stories about how Nicole could somehow always land on her feet. She knew the stories of the Jedi and the role of the Jedi Knights as a child. Though trained in the skills of hand to hand, they often would make peace through negotiations. Aayla equated Nicole’s skills with that of an old Jedi. Nicole always laughed.

Aayla asked Nicole if she had heard about Varno's Betrayal . Nicole obviously heard. She responded, “He did not betray us. He was just finding out where he stood.”

“He was about to turn the Cardassian Union against the Federation. He should be executed for treason.”, Aayla responded.

“In Federation Space, we don’t behave that way. We don’t execute people for expressing your views.”, Nicole frowned.

“He is a traitor who was embarrassed by Lady Thylara.”, Aayla frowned, “He is dangerous.”

“That we can agree on.”, Nicole smiled.

“I hate Thylara!”, Aayla snapped.

“We do not hate.”, Nicole responded.

She showed Aayla a picture.

“Who is that?”, Aayla asked.

“The child is Thylara. I do not know the other female.”, Nicole responded.

“Where did you get that?”, Aayla asked.

“C810-P0 gave me the picture.”, Nicole looked at Aayla.

“Why do you care?”, Aayla asked.

“We have to stop Thylara. If we blow up the Death Star, we lose. If she destroys Camelot, we lose. If we can understand her, maybe we can figure this out.”, Nicole offered.

Aayla bowed her head in the Padowan tribute, “Yes, my master.”

Nicole chuckled at the reference. She looked at the picture once more.

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Child Jedi to Sith Lord
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