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 I Love You, Kid

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: I Love You, Kid   Sat Jun 02, 2018 4:33 pm

Everybody has to take a turn flying recognizance in Imperial Space. The sorties have increased amidst rumours that the Imperial Fleet may try to get a Star Destroyer through the Bajoran Wormhole.

Tracklerca, the Bzzit Khaht who has served on the bridge of the Double Q for a very long time. He has fought alongside the Vulcan S’Aari in the Stingers and in the Hive with Tchilick Tchilack. He championed the Tracers as the squadron commander in the Romulan region. He is a damn fine pilot.

Tracklerca was just checking out the Galahad under Admiral Mero Devreon. He never intended to engage the Galahad or any of its resources. Mero felt challenged by the Stinger fighter and launched his Tie Fighters.

Tracer was in over his head. The Ties were swarming him. It was over.

The legend of Luke Skywalker is a foundational tale in the fall of the Galactic Empire. It is often discussed how young he was when he rose against Vader and Palpatine. He was still a teenager when he made the New Republic a possibility.

The purge of the Jedi and the soldiers of the Republic had taken everyone of age. Tracer had heard the legends of the Jedi, the Rebellion and the Rebel Alliance. He had learned of this reality from C810-P0 and he listened intently to how young they all were.

As he thought his life was about to end, Tracer thought of his own youth. He thought about his service of a fighter pilot and as the helmsperson aboard several ships. Tracklerca took his hands of the stick to just take in the last moments of his life. He had made peace with his end.

Tracklerca thought it was all over when he heard the yahoo!! It was the 962nd X Wing Fighter Squadron! Squadron Commander Franklin De Leon brought the super manoeuvrable X Wing fighters into the fray. It was positively amazing.

Tracer could not believe how young Franklin was but he did not care, the Bzzit Khaht hugged the teenager who went by the callsign Bluebird. Franklin smiled. He had seen many aliens in service to the Republic but the Bzzit Khaht was something totally new.

Tracer hugged him, “I love you, kid!”

Franklin smiled, a bit embarrassed.

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Commander Franklin De Leon
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962nd X Wing Squadron
The Dead Birds
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I Love You, Kid
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