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 Cardassian Counsellor

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Cardassian Counsellor   Sat Jun 02, 2018 4:35 pm

The Betazoid House of Vasa has produced some of the very best counsellors in Starfleet. Summer Vasa is largely credited with the creation of Admiral Tan converting the Hierarchy dissident into a tremendous strategist and leader. Commander Elora Vasa and Admiral Vincent Viceroy were a wonderful couple and she had a tremendous spirit. Their love was foundational in the history of the King’s Fleet.

Vanessa Vasa was brought her to help rehabilitate the reanimated Dr. Xact Tchilack in the hopes that the Edosian Xindi Hybrid might use science and not violence to close the Multiverse Rift. Vanessa has been outstanding in this role however the science has not yielded the same output as the destruction of Badlands 827 or the Fourth Death Star. They will get there. They have to.

Emperor Amiro Devreon was upset that Lady Thylara had rebuked the overture from Gul Varno and potentially the Cardassian Union. It is not the first time the military and royal houses, the Emperor, Grand Moffs and Moffs have disagreed on approach. Amiro learned of the meeting, not from Thylara, from Admiral Petrovich Daagh of the ISB. He was furious. This could their chance to take a run at establishing an empire in Federation space.

Emperor Devreon had heard of the Cardassian association with the Founders, The Vorta and The Jem’Hadar. This could be their path. They could be the Founders.

Vanessa was in her office aboard Governor’s Station when Thua’ra came up to the glass doors. Vanessa looked at the Cardassian. Apparently he needed a counsellor. Thua’ra came in. The Cardassian confessed his mistake. He told Vanessa that he had taken a ship to the Vader’s Lady. He told her that he reached out to Lady Thylara about backing him in the resurgence of the Cardassian Union under a Legate and not under a Minister or Castallan. He started to cry as he told her that he had hoped the Galactic Empire would put him in charge of the Cardassian Union.

Varno took a deep breath. He then confessed that Emperor Amiro Devreon had reached out to him for cartographical information on the Bajoran Wormhole. It had already been theorized that the Galactic Empire was looking for a way to bypass the Jedi Shield of Master Vreez Sunna. The Empire has been about strategy and planning under Grand Admiral Thrawn. Devreon was an admirer of the Chiss Grand Admiral. He loved the greatest strategist in the history of the Empire.

Varno looked at Vanessa, “I have given them nothing but they are coming.”

Varno put his face in his white hands. Vanessa put her hand on his shoulder, “We will figure this out.”

Vanessa gave his shoulder a little rub, “You did right by telling me.”

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Cardassian Counsellor
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