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 Maybe We’ll Get Lucky

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Maybe We’ll Get Lucky   Sat Jun 09, 2018 2:48 pm

One of the things that set Nicole apart all those years ago at the Omega Academy was the amazing gala events. Nicole has made this a staple of her role of Governor and even as the President of the United Federation of Planets.

Nicole had tried to lighten the mood in the city of Opera. She put on a large gala event. The problem is that people who live her at Badlands 827 do not see it by her beautiful name, Camelot, filled with history. They see it as what it is; it is Badlands 827, a planetoid placed so randomly by fate as a human shield that will one day be used to close a Multiverse Rift and allow a tyrant to rise once more. Camelot is not a paradise, it is a tombstone.

Nicole could see it on the faces of the people who were brought here as refugees to populate her human shield.

Dr. Peneleaus Prang’Laar was not the Penny Nicole knew. She was different. The timeline was different. Nicole had made her move on the doctor who helped create Branson Beauty. The doctor had rebuked the move. Nicole had shown her their history but this world has changed her and changed others.

Nicole walked outside the gala. Another Tellarite was standing on the little bridge overlooking a small stream that fed Omega Bay. Nicole actually thought is was Jaskalla Naar’Haaj, a Tellarite from her past. She sped up heading over before realizing it was someone else.

The frustrated young lady looked at Nicole, “Governor Branson.”

Jovalla Naar’Haaj introduced herself and then went into a hands on hips tirade about the only people who come here. These are refugees whom no one else will take. They come to Camelot because of promises of Branson Beauty, a surgery that allows aliens to have a more human appearance and for the fact that Acrylos Teero’s Industrial Replication allows for a major city to flourish in Hell. At least their last few days will be comfortable.

Nicole frowned. The pair looked out at the city built in homage to Omega, Phoenix, Ephyra, Rek’ja Penthe and an Asteroid; the colonies of the King’s Fleet. The city was beautiful.

Jovalla broke the silence by chastising Nicole about how association with her had ruined the Naar’Haaj Family on Tellar Prime. They were once a powerful part of one of the four founding races of the Federation and now they were outcasts. Jovalla told Nicole she came here to attend Camelot College because she was not welcome in a major university on Tellar Prime nor at Starfleet Academy.

Nicole asked her why she was going to College if the Universe was so bleak.

Jovalla pinched Nicole’s butt as she walked back to the Gala, “Who knows? Maybe we’ll get lucky.”

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Maybe We’ll Get Lucky
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