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 Festering Cancer

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Festering Cancer   Sat Jun 09, 2018 2:49 pm

Despite orders otherwise, more incursions into Imperial Space have occurred. Admiral Viceroy had put out orders that only sanctioned and fighter escorted sorties are permitted.

Zek Ishka, The Ferengi crime lord has already had significant contact with the Hutt Syndicate and more particularly Kaffee the Hutt which has led to his establishment as a Outer and Mid Rim crime lord. Zek has always been a thorn in the side of the King’s Fleet but never at this level.

Zek has ventured into the Mid Rim to the planet Falleen where he hoped to make contact with the remnants of the Black Sun. The Empire allowed the gangs and smugglers to fester as they tried to hang on to the remnants of their power. The Republic has not cracked down on the gangs either trying to show them that there is another way.

Though we do not have a definitive answer of who or whom she is searching for we know that Thylara opened the Multiverse Rift to find someone or something from the past. The rift has created a blending of multiple timelines. It has led to deceased members of the King’s Fleet reappearing often without knowledge of the events that transpired after their deaths. Lindsay Viceroy and Dr. Peneleaus Prang’Laar come to mind.

Zek was on Falleen when he saw the Falleen woman. She looked so familiar. Zek was stunned to learn that the green skinned alien was not Falleen at all but rather Orion and from the Federation universe. Zek arranged to meet up with the alien.

Zek was stunned to learn that D’Tall of Orion or Princess D as she has come to be known has positioned herself as a very powerful member of Black Sun. Zek was also stunned to learn that D’Tall who once commanded the King’s Fleet Fighter Squadron had been in a Imperial Space for five years. Time is relative.

Zek and D’Tall were soon discussing their ventures around Falleen and a Jakku and how they could operate without angering Kaffee the Hutt. The chess game had begun. D’Tall was amazed to learn that Governor Nicole Branson was back in business and that the King’s Fleet was once again operational. She thought that that part of her life was long over.

Princess D and the Black Sun were now negotiating Spice trade with Zek through Latinum Luxury in Federation Space. Nicole and Vincent had long feared that this criminal underbelly would fester in Federation Space and demand for the drug would turn their utopia into a place where currency, most likely Latinum would replace sharing of resources.

Zek would be introduced the the Spice by Princess D and the pair would engage in drug addled sex. D’Tall had not had this type of ecstasy since leaving her Orion pheromone days behind her. The Orion would return to Camelot but not as a decorated soldier and pilot bound to the King’s Fleet but rather as a drug lord hell bent on expanding her influence.

Nicole had once had a relationship with the Orion and was very sad to see her this way and with Zek Ishka. She told D’Tall that she would make these events right for her. The Orion hiding as a Falleen scoffed, “I don’t need saving Branson. The time for that was five years ago. Now I am flourishing.”

Nicole just walked away. Perhaps the critics were right. Perhaps she was the cancer that everyone described; perhaps she was the one to bring down the Federation.

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Nicole Branson
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Festering Cancer
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