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 Sephi Solutions

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Sephi Solutions   Sat Jun 09, 2018 2:50 pm

Time travel is supposed to be this grand miracle that will fix a universe. Lady Thylara, the Sith Lord hell bent on fixing the Galactic Empire by restoring a legendary Sith.

In Federation Space, the story has not been so positive. Nicole was not able to find love with Dr. Peneleaus Prang’Laar. Captain S’Nii and Lindsay Viceroy have also struggled to find love in their renewed timeline.

When Commander Harles discovered that a smaller starship might be able to penetrate the Jedi Force Shield, the King’s Fleet restored the single nacelle USS Lindsay Viceroy. Lindsay almost immediately reached out to Admiral Viceroy about assuming command of the exploratory vessel.

Lindsay was assigned the Viceroy and Dr. Meadow Coren moved from the USS Plato’s Academy to join Lindsay aboard the Viceroy. Meadow had served on the USS Wrath of Achilles as it’s Chief Medical Officer. She served on the Plato until she got her feet wet in the temporal rebirth. She was ready to take on more responsibility.

The Sephi were pointed eared creatures who were known in the Empire for their good long lifespan and for their Droid maintenance abilities. Sephi were often kidnapped and enslaved by the Hutts to maintain their pillaged service droids.

Lindsay had taken the Viceroy to the Asteroid that hosted Kaffee the Hutt. She went there to discuss trade and to continue to develop the King’s Fleet stellar cartography mapping of the mid and outer rim worlds of the Galactic Republic.

Lindsay hated coming here. Kaffee always ogled the women. He would disgustingly stroke his bottom lip with his very large tongues. Lindsay’s skin crawled. Lindsay would go down into the bowels of the base to look at potentially purchasing a droid.

Lindsay gasped when she saw the Sephi Droid Mechanic. This was no true Sephi…. This was a Vulcan….

And not just any Vulcan, Lindsay shouted, “Zoey?!?”

Commander T’Zohl of Vulcan, the legendary helmsperson aboard the USS Quasar Quest and the USS / CGV Tanmesad stood there wearing only white bikin bottoms and a sheer blouse; hardly the entire for the legendary stoic Vulcan. T’Zohl looked at Lindsay, “Commander Viceroy, How is this possible?”

T’Zohl would explain that she was lost when she was found by Kaffee the Hutt. He was the one who identified her as a Sephi and a droid mechanic. T’Zohl explained that she knew nothing of Droid electronics but she adapted becoming quite successful in repairing the servant droids employed by Kaffee the Hutt.

Lindsay wanted to gain the freedom of the Vulcan. She offered a deal. Lindsay knew that Zek Ishka had made friends with Commander D’Tall and had abandoned his Zabrak gift from Kaffee the Hutt. Lindsay offered the slave back to Kaffee in exchange for T’Zohl. Kaffee only laughed.

Meadow looked at the Hutt and slowly removed her shirt to expose her perky little breasts. She looked at Kaffee, “One Hand of Sabacc…. If I win, I get Zoey. If you win, you get these…”

Meadow wiggles back and forth. Kaffee laughed. Lindsay looked at Meadow, “This is crazy.”

Meadow smiled, “Deal…”

Commander T’Zohl stood on the bridge of the USS Lindsay Viceroy looking out as Governor’s Station appeared on the horizon. The stoic Vulcan, who unlike Captain S’Nii, had not embraced emotions. She however had a tear in her eye. She looked at Lindsay, “I cannot believe that I am here. I never thought here existed anymore.”

Lindsay looked at the woman who taught her to fly the Tanmesad. She had been a mentor and a friend. Lindsay just smiled. T’Zohl turned around and hugged the human pilot. She never hugged anyone.

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Commander T’Zohl of Vulcan
Enslaved as a Sephi Droid Mechanic
Kaffee the Hutt Base
Near Jakku, Mid Rim
Galactic Empire
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Sephi Solutions
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