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 Blue but not Chiss Blue

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PostSubject: Blue but not Chiss Blue   Sat Jun 09, 2018 2:51 pm

Commander T’Zohl was offered a spot on the helm of the USS Quasar Quest but opted instead to link up with Commander Crixx Harles and his Stinger Fighter Squadron so she could continue to venture into Imperial Space. The Vulcan also liked the solitude of the Thunderbolt fighter. She had been touched, licked and prodded by Kaffee and his Bounty Hunter Corps for too long.

Christine met with Zoey to ask about other she had seen who might be part of the temporal imbalance created by the Multiverse Rift. Commander T’Zohl described a Chiss mercenary whose tactics were very Andorian in nature.

The Chiss Ascendency had been largely isolationist in nature but had built an empire on the fringes of the outer realm, the unknown regions and Wild Space. The Chiss however had become a big part of Imperial lore when Grand Admiral Thrawn rose to prominence in the post Darth Vader Galactic Empire and as part of opening the potential to rebuild the empire in worlds loyal to him in the Hand of Thrawn. It is within these world that Lady Thylara and her King’s Fleet hoped to establish her Empire.

The Chiss Mercenary had been acting on behalf of the legacy of Thrawn, she always expanded in a respectful and almost Federal way. Christine felt it was worth exploring further and reached out to Prince Charles and his fighters to try to make contact with the Chiss Mercenary.

John Warren had joined Crixx Harles and Commander T’Zohl in the fighters for the mission. John was the first to link up with the captured Star Destroyer operating on behalf of the Chiss Mercenary.

John was followed by members of the Chiss up to the bridge after surrened to the Mercenary Force. The Mercenary turned around to see the symbol of the King’s Fleet. She gasped as she removed her wig to expose her white hair and Andorian Antennas. John’s mouth dropped open. It was Russia Trmel. She ran over and left into his arms. Russia held John so tightly. She cried.

The Mercenary Force will miss their Chiss leader but she was never really a Chiss. Russia Trmel is an Andorian.

Russia and John were soon aboard the Quasar Quest reaffirming their love. Russia did not remember the problems that separated them in the past. She just wanted to be back with her own people. She just wanted to be back with John.

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Captain John Warren
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USS Quasar Quest
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Stingers Fighter Squadron
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Blue but not Chiss Blue
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