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 Brotherhood Lost

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Brotherhood Lost   Sat Jun 09, 2018 2:54 pm

Dala Kaffee, the Mirialan Bounty Hunter was in Latinum Luxury discussing the value placed on the head of Russia Trmel by Lady Thylara. She was sitting with Depro Ishka, the Zabrak had been tossed aside for the Orion D’Tall. Ishka was looking for passage at least as far as Castle in the Sky.

Dala told Depro that she could not risk further angering Kaffee the Hutt by bringing the Zabrak Slave back into Imperial Space and furthermore Kaffee has engaged famous Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Gava Vice to kill anyone who comes into Federation Space and returns.

As Dala described the bearded Mandalorian who rarely removed his helmet, Admiral Vincent Viceroy listened very closely.

The King’s Fleet was founded twelve years ago by Gavin Viceroy and Vincent Viceroy. Gavin was the softer of the two gentlemen and as the Fleet grew more powerful and intense, Gavin became less engaged eventually losing his role and his life. Vincent saw this as a great failure and perhaps it is an explanation as to why he so blindly helps and supports Nicole Branson.

Vincent was very intrigued by the description of the feared Mandalorian. He knew the story of Brenna Montgomery, Lindsay Viceroy and others who have been resurrected in Imperial Space. He was suddenly intrigued with the potential to see his brother once more.

Vincent followed Crixx Harles and Commander T’Zohl into Imperial Space. The head of the King’s Fleet was soon at the base of Kaffee the Hutt. Vincent was able to confront the Mandalorian.

Vincent stared at Gavin. He finally broke the silence describing the early days of the King’s Fleet. Gavin listened intently and then pulled his blaster. He looked at Vincent, “You have the Chiss Mercenary Russia Trmel and the Zabrak Slave Depro Kaffee. They are property of Kaffee the Hutt. Return them and nothing will become of this confrontation. Do nothing and you, your rebel base and any supporting personnel will be dealt with harshly.”

“But Gavin?”, Vincent gasped, more like a child than the head of a major defence force.

“There is no Gavin Viceroy here. There is only Gava Vice, primary bounty hunter of Kaffee the Hutt.”, Gava clicked the safety off.

Vincent walked backwards towards the landing bay. Kaffee laughed deeply in the background, “Return my property, Admiral or prepare to join them in Serfdom to me, Kaffee the Hutt.”

Vincent got into the Fighter. He stared at Gava as the Mandalorian put his helmet back on. Vincent pulled the fighter away. He thought about leaving the King’s Fleet behind him two years ago. The regional fleet authorities were being shutdown by Starfleet proper. He had made his peace with the end of his life as a Fleet Admiral.

He had only came back because of the sheer magnitude of the risks associated with the Multiverse Rift. He thought those risks were about a fascist region tearing down everything the Federation had built. He had no idea it was about the tearing of the very fabric of relationships that formed the foundation of his own history.

Vincent felt more alone than ever before. What had they gotten themselves into.

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Admiral Vincent Viceroy
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Brotherhood Lost
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