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 A Queen on her Throne

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PostSubject: A Queen on her Throne   Sat Jun 09, 2018 2:55 pm

Depro Kaffee was become a sort of wanderer in Governor’s Station. She has been ousted from the bed of the Ferengi Zek Ishka and despite a couple of attempts by bounty hunters, she remains here.

Depro had learned that Vanessa Vasa and Thua’ra Varno have been spending a lot of time together separating her from Dr. Xact “Zach” Tchilack. The Edosian-Xindi Hybrid was without a translator. Depro had worked in T’Zohl’s droid repair shop at Kaffee’s base. She knew a little bit about protocol droids and understanding language.

The Zabrak work feverishly on her translator creating a headset that allowed her to speak to Xact. The Hybrid was very impressed. He and Depro began working closer together as Dr. Tchilack continued to work on bringing his wormhole generator back online.

Depro was in Zek’s bar. She was sitting with Dr. Lalara Shran. Depro finally got the courage, “Can the Edosian-Xindi hybrid engage in sexual activity?”

Lalara actually giggled, “Dr. Tegora Vasa engaged in a sexual relationship with the Edosian Hybrid. This is largely why Vanessa was so uncomfortable around the eerie looking oversized insectoid. She always felt like the Xindi creature was eyeing her up sexually even though Dr. Tchilack is a perfect gentleman.”

Depro looked at the Andorian doctor, “How is it even possible?”

“The Edosian Hybrid has the ability to extract moisture and nutrients from the air through its over lung. Within what would be considered his upper mouth, there is a tongue which can sense moisture and taste. Dr. Vasa would sit on the upper mouth and allow the tongue to touch her in a very sexual way.”, Lalara almost cringed at the very thought.

“Tegora called it sitting on the throne.”, The Andorian squirmed as she spoke.

“But wouldn’t the upper lung be moist.”, Depro questioned.

“It would.”, Lalara sipped her Andorian liquor.

Depro sat there thinking about her life. She had been licked by Kaffee the Hutt in a disgusting and degrading way.

She had come to truly enjoy her conversations with Dr. Tchilack. She loved her treatment as a colleague by the Edosian Hybrid. She could believe that she was actually coming to love the experience.

Depro walked down to the Governor’s Station Science Orb and then over to the Physics lab. She walked into to see Xact. Depro began to explain to the Edosian Hybrid that the Zabrak are seen as ugly by most humanoids with the boney horns coming out of their skull. She said that often the females of her people were sold as slaves or servants.

Depro then told the physicist that she had come to love their connection and the way he treated her. Xact looked at her a bit puzzled. Depro walked over and and kissed the alien on his upper leg. Xact smiled. You could not see through his insectoid mouth. Depro could feel that smiled.

In a shocking moment, Depro removed her clothing. She stood before the 9 foot alien. Xact looked at her. He knew that she must have known about Dr. Tegora Vasa. The Edosian Xindi Hybrid knelt down. Depro walked up, turned around and sat on the moist throne. It was wet, warm and somehow inviting. Depro felt the Edosian stand. She was on top of the world. She felt like a queen.

Depro lay on the bed panting. She looked at Xact, “Oh my god, I can’t feel my body. What is in it for you?”

Xact turned to the Zabrak, “Making you feel good makes me feel good.”

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A Queen on her Throne
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