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 Lost and Found

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Christine TNley

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PostSubject: Lost and Found   Fri Jun 22, 2018 4:59 am

Nicole just stood there in swamplands of the asteroid known as Badlands 827. Her feet were wet as she looked at the long crashed ship. Depro looked at Nicole, “It is a Republic Ship. It is one of ours. Looks like pre Endor era.”

“But that means that they were in Federation Space before.”, Nicole bluntly observed in her own blond ditzy way.

“There is another possibility.”, Vincent interrupted, “Like Lindsay or Brenna, the ship could have been ripped from the past in the Multiverse Rift.”

“Does this mean there could be 500 crew members on the colony?”, Nicole looked at Vincent.

“Given the discoveries in Imperial Space, I would say there is a very good chance.”, Depro observed.

Vincent looked at Nicole and then at his aide, “Dispatch the Zombies. These men and women are going to be very confused, lost and disoriented. Their equipment will not function. Bring them to Opera. Put them up in N for Nicole housing.”

The aide disappeared. Depro looked at Vincent, “I have been meaning to ask. Why is the capital called Opera. It is some opus to the high musical art?”

The Admiral looked at the Zabrak Fighter, “It is Omega, Phoenix, Ephyra, Reykja Penthe and Asteroids. They are the names of the 8 colonies we have served.”

The Zabrak looked at Vincent and smiled. Vincent looked at the Zabrak, “So you and Zach?”

Depro looked at Vincent, “Words is out?”

Vincent smiled, “It is a small place.”

Depro just smiled and walked away. She did not really know how to describe her relationship with the alien insectoid.

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Lost and Found
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