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 Republic Ship Survivors

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Christine TNley

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PostSubject: Republic Ship Survivors   Fri Jun 22, 2018 5:00 am

Who should address them?”, John looked at Vincent.

“Perhaps it would be best if Governor Branson addressed them. She appears harmless and her naïveté would not be intimidating.”, Admiral Viceroy looked at his task force commander.

“They would not have any knowledge of the fall of the second Death Star at Endor. To their minds, the rebellion is not yet in charge of the Republic. Vader still lives and Palpatine is still Emperor.”, Depro looked at Vincent.

“We need to do this gently.”, Vincent looked at Nicole.

Nicole walked in to see the Mon Calamari Admiral Cirrus Bipton. She smiled when the fish headed alien introduced his ship’s captain Wayne LaBarbara. She wondered how President Earl LaBarbara would react to a human from another universe bearing his family name.

Nicole proceeded to weave the haunting tale of the fall of Vader, the rise of Thrawn and his untimely demise at the hands of the Nogri followed by the rise of Lady Thylara and Emperor Amiro Devreon and his children. For a Starfleet Civilian, she knew the realities of the second universe.

Nicole then explained to the Mon Calamari and his crew about the rise of Starfleet, the Federation and the development of the independent fleet phenomenon. She talked glowingly about her own history, the office of the president and the sacrificial lamb role she and the King’s Fleet are destined to play.

Admiral Bipton was stunned. This was almost more than he could take. Nicole then invited Admirals Deveniss and Tan into the room. The Selayan and the Hierarchy Clanner looked at the Mon Calamari. Bipton finally extended his hand. Tan shook his hand.

Bipton was surprised to learn that Tan had a Twilek lover, Aayla and had met a Hutt. It was not the Federation that Branson described. He was also surprised when Monica Windsor entered the room. The human walked up and stood next to the snake like Selayan. The Federation was a bizarre place but Admiral Bipton liked the fact that humans and other aliens intermingled in the Federation. This was always one of the goals of President Leia Organa Solo.

Bipton was stunned to learn that a Calibob, Worc Gavishom was the President and Leia had parished at the hands of Supreme Leader Snoke and his men, this was a horror story that he did not want to wake up to. He learned of Kylo Ren and the horrors of the First Order after Thrawn. These were terrible events.

Bipton was very impressed by the USS Quasar Quest. He promised to help the King’s Fleet stand against Thylara and her minions and to help close the Multiverse Rift.

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Republic Ship Survivors
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