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 President v President: Detente

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Christine TNley

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PostSubject: President v President: Detente   Fri Jun 22, 2018 5:01 am

Admiral Bipton had the communications codes for the Galactic Republic. The King’s Fleet would be able to reach out to the Galactic Republic and arrange for the Federation to meet with the Republic.

Nicole Branson, against the advice of Admiral Viceroy informed Starfleet of the communication. President LaBarbara and Admiral Wilson now wanted to take the lead as the Federation prepared to meet with President Worc Gavishom and the Galactic Republic at Castle in the Sky.

Vincent was furious that Branson would take this historic meeting from the King’s Fleet. Branson told Vincent that they would be there. Vincent did not like playing second fiddle to Admiral Wilson and the paper President Earl LaBarbara. In fact, Vincent would rather have the naive Branson than this puppet who helped bring down the independent fleet authorities.

In an effort to protect the intellectual properties of Starfleet, the Federation Government moved to make the regional fleets mute and irrelevant. The King’s Fleet was just such a casualty ending its operations near the Klingon Empire. Vincent could not let this go. He sees LaBarbara and Wilson has symbols of this dominance.

LaBarbara was his arrogant self. He did not see the office of the President of the Galactic Republic in the same light as he saw his own secular humanist presidency. He openly bragged about the sharing of resources, about replication and about the lack of currency in the United Federation of Planets. Gavishom reminded LaBarbara about the Ferengi and about Latinum and about Ishka and the Hutt trade.

The pair were in a bit of a standoff when Nicole proposed supper and casual discussion. She said they were best served building a common ground than bragging about the Rebel Alliance victories over Palpatine, Vader and Thrawn or LaBarbara bragging about spreading replication.

Gavishom seemed to gravitate towards Branson. Soon Nicole was talking about the bird people of Talos V and even her relationship with one of those bird people. Gavishom could not believe the similarities between the two universes. Gavishom was also very impressed with the fact that Branson was once in the role held by the blowhard Earl LaBarbara.

Gavishom listened closely as Branson described the Force Shield of Jedi Master Vreez Sunna. Gavishom had tried to reach out to those who still clung to the ways of the Jedi. Gavishom saw it as the way to finally bring down the remnants of the Imperial Fleet. Many Imperials still clung to the fact that the Sith defeated the Jedi, That Anakin Skywalker lashed out at the younglings to become Darth Vader and that Lady Thylara, a protege of Darth Vader himself still exists. Branson, not Wilson or LaBarbara briefed the Republic President on the Thylara’s blurring of time to find her partner in the rule of two.

Gavishom immediately went to Vader but Nicole warned the President about Maul or even older Sith Lords. Nicole believes that Thylara is not searching for Vader because Vader was an abusive instructor. Gavishom asked about Kylo Ren but Branson sees Ren as a rival for Thylara in the rise of the First Order vs her and Amiro Devreon’s Imperial Empire.

Gavishom left for Imperial Center, the former Courascant with a new found knowledge of the Multiverse Rift. LaBarbara turned to Branson, “Well that went well.”

Branson just scoffed as she headed for the shuttles. She had done the work and LaBarbara would be headed back to Paris, Earth 2396 to explain the progress in the briefing of the Galactic Republic and the protection of the Federation from invasion.

Branson tossed her glass of wine at the screen as the Federation News Network touted the success of President Earl LaBarbara and his mission to show the heathens of the Galactic Republic about their old ways; ways abandoned by the Federation centuries ago.

Branson knew this was the intended outcome but it still bothered her. Jovalla came walking into the Observation Orb aboard Governor’s Station. She looked at the viewer, “Such a tragedy.”

“No doubt.”, Nicole gasped.

“Not LaBarbara, sweetie. The wine.”, Jovalla giggled.

Nicole grinned. Jovalla poured two new glasses. She smiled at Nicole, “Shall we try this again.”

Nicole smiled. She and a Jovalla giggled away the night complaining about LaBarbara and Wilson and even Viceroy and Tan. Nicole could not remember when she had last just lost herself in another person. It felt nice.

Nicole thought about her history and about what it would mean if Lady Thylara lashed out in anger and destroyed Badlands 827. She, Jovalla and even Viceroy, Tan and Deveniss would be killed. She wanted to do more with Jovalla but the very thought of her staying in Camelot because of her. Nicole kissed Jovalla on the cheek. The evening was over.

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President v President: Detente
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