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 Green with Envy

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Christine TNley

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PostSubject: Green with Envy   Fri Jun 22, 2018 5:03 am

Dala Kaffee, the Mirialan Bounty Hunter who helped introduce Zek Ishka to Kaffee the Hutt and a who knew market was notorious for playing all sides for personal gain. She may recover outstanding funds for Kaffee but she also brought R2-D407 and C810-P0 to the King’s Fleet. The Mirialan did not have any scruples.

Dala was aboard Governor’s when she finally got Deveniss alone. She looked at the Selayan, “I had no idea that Prince Shezor had placed such a highly positioned asset in the King’s Fleet. It is an honour to meet you Master Deveniss.”

Deveniss looked very puzzled. He looked over at 810. The Imperial Chronicler looked back, “She thinks you are Falleen. The green skinned alien species that Commander D’Tall speaks off in Zek’s bar often. Prince Shezor is the powerful leader of the Black Sun which rivals the Hutt Syndicate in terms of underground supremacy.”

Deveniss turned to Dala, “I am Admiral Deveniss of Selay. I am Deputy Commander in Chief of the King’s Fleet. I am Selayan not this Falleen of which you speak.”

Dala came up and started rubbing his arm and carefully placed her breasts against his shoulder, “I understand. Keeping up appearances and all.”

Monica glared at the green skinned alien temptress; that was her Deveniss.

Dala looked at Deveniss, “If you need intelligence on Kaffee or his base, let me know and I will get you a price. If you ever need anything else, let me know and I will get you a price for that too.”

Dala kissed Deveniss on the cheek. Monica’s teeth clenched. Dala winked at 810-P0 and then left. The Chronicle Droid looked at Deveniss, “The Black Sun was virtually devasted by the Relublic raids after Leia Organa Solo came to power. The underground was rendered largely irrelevant but the power void created by Emperor Amiro Devreon’s claim to the empire and President Worc Gavishom not being able to drive them into the Unknown regions or even wild space has allowed both the Hutts and Black Sun to return to prominence.”

Deveniss looked at Monica, “Great! We have a benevolent Sith Lord who once she finds her partner is going to destroy our world and close the Rift but now we have two underground power brokers trying to weaken our utopia with a return to currency and trading”

Monica smiled, “Not to mention all the sleaze that the underground brings.”

Monica was speaking directly of Dala and the Mirialan’s touching of the Selayan. He may be an old man but he was her old man. He was her protector. She needed him. Monica need not worry. Deveniss was too naive to realize that Dala was offering sex. The old Selayan was like a cat. He slept about 16 hours a day. In truth, Monica liked because she would be given command of Governor’s despite her young age. Her father would never have allowed that.

Monica followed Deveniss to his quarters. The Selayan looked at his Observer, “Honey, you need not follow me to rest. I do not need an observer to watch me sleep.”

Monica smiled, “I am off duty, Admiral. I just thought I would join you in a nap.”

“As you wish, child.”, Deveniss smiled.

Monica cuddled in next to the large snake man. He put his arm around her. Monica whispered, “I am not a child.”

Deveniss pulled the covers over her, “Sleep now, honey.”

Monica liked honey a lot better. She was sweet. She cuddled down in next to Deveniss. It was so nice. She thought of Dala and fell asleep worrying about Deveniss and the Mirialan.

Monica hated not knowing. She was jealous of Vanessa Vasa. The Betazoid would know if Deveniss was attracted to Dala or even to Monica for that matter.

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Green with Envy
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