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 A Child of Evil

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Christine TNley

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PostSubject: A Child of Evil   Fri Jun 22, 2018 5:04 am

Nicole had believed it was the meeting between President Gavishom and her at Castle in the Sky was the reason that Lady Thylara had reached out to meet with her and only her at Castle in the Sky.

Vincent was furious. He forbid Governor Branson from meeting the Sith Lord. He shouted at Nicole about her naivete. Nicole screamed back that this could end the standoff. Thus could protect Camelot.

Vincent still refused. Nicole reached our to Master Sunna. The Rodian Jedi told Nicole he would ensure that only Lady Thylara joined her aboard the Castle. Nicole had her guarantee. She would meet the Sith Lord.

Nicole was standing in the conference room when she felt the cold presence of the Sith Lord known both as Palpatine’s Princess and Vader’s Lady. Thylara looked positively regal in her black robes and blue Chiss hybrid skin. She was the creepy image of the Dark Side.

Nicole walked towards her bit Thylara held up her hand. Nicole basically froze in space. It was hard for someone raised in the scientific utopia that was the Federation to wrap their brains around this level of magical intervention. Nicole had tried to understand the existence of metachlorians but it was still very foreign to her.

Thylara looked at Nicole and with a firm look of death she dropped a light sabre to the floor and kicked it over to the puny human. Nicole barely knew how the ancient technology worked let alone how to wield one. Thylara ignited the glowing red sword in her hand.

Nicole protested shouting that this was a peaceful negotiation and not a fight. Thylara simply shouted, “Fight or die!”

Nicole cowered as the Sith Lord swung the red light blade over her head. Nicole finally touched the on button and with a snap hiss the light sabre came to life. Nicole quivered as she held it over her head. She was a politician not a fighter.

Thylara gave a mighty slash driving Nicole to the floor and spinning the light sabre out of her hand.

Nicole cried out, “Please I have a child.”

“A child you let die!”, Thylara cried out as if replaying an ancient pain. Nicole thought abput their bonding moment in the mess hall. She looked up sheepishly at Thylara.

“A child who is alive only because of my experiment.”, Thylara hissed.

“And for that I am forever greatful.”, Nicole sobbed like a child, “Even if you kill me now or I parish when you close the Multiverse Rift, I will have gotten more time with Brenna.”

“A child, even a child born out of hate should be with its mother.”, Thylara broke character and closed down her light sabre.

She turned and her black cape whirled in the wind created by the motion. She had betrayed something. Nicole knew it.

Thylara knew that Brenna was born out of the sexual dominance exerted by Admiral Bruce Montgomery all those years ago; a child born of hate.

Nicole sat there on the floor. Thylara has been known as Vader’s Lady. He trained her. He made her in his dark image but to many she is known as Palpatine’s Princess. What if both were true?

Nicole stood up. She looked at the door as Master Sunna entered, “Thylara has left the Castle.”

The Rodian picked up the light sabre. He looked at its construction. He smiled, “The old masters knew best.”

Nicole looked, “Do you recognize it?”

Sunna smiled, “It bates resemblance to the work of Mistress Valero. The Correlian was lost in deep cover. It is said that she worked too closely with Emperor Palpatine. She lost her way and stopped reporting back to the Jedi Order. It is believed that Thessa Valero turned to the dark side.”

Nicole gasped, “Could it be possible that Thylara is the child of Palpatine and Valero?”

“The Jedi would forbid such a conjugation.”, Sunna exclaimed.

“We have to find out what happened to Valero!”, Nicole exclaimed.

“I believe that we may have this all wrong.”, Nicole looked at Master Sunna.

“She may have created the Rift to find her mother. This may not be a Sith event but rather a lost child longing for its mother.”, Nicole wiped her eyes thinking of Brenna.

“If you're theory us correct, she has snowed the entire remnants of the Galactic Empire.”, Sunna could not believe the words as they came out.

“I will reach out to Jedi Underground to see if anyone knows the history of Thessa Valero.”, Sunna offered.

“Good.”, Nicole headed for the Governor's Yacht.

Sunna looked at her, “You were very brave to face the Sith Lord.”

“Hardly.”, Nicole sighed, “Cowering in the floor us hardly brave.”

“A Jedi only fights as a last resort. Brokering understanding and providing balance is the true mark of a Jedi Knight.”; Sunna responded in the gentle way exemplified by Master Yoda himself.

Nicole just sighed. She hardly saw herself as brave.

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A Child of Evil
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