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 A Canyon Run

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Christine TNley

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PostSubject: A Canyon Run   Fri Jun 22, 2018 5:06 am

“This is our in.”, Nicole snapped the briefing to attention.

“Word of the battle, my loss and of Master Sunna discovery about the light sabre will have reached Emperor Devreon by now.”, Nicole explained.

“Master Sunna will assuredly warn President Gavishom as well.”, Nicole briefed the group.

“The Dead Birds are on route.”, Branson announced.

“We will launch the Stingers as well.”, Admiral Viceroy interrupted.

“It is our believe that the Admiral Renee Devreon’s King’s Fleet will move on the Super Star Destroyer. I believe that Emperor Devreon will thenjoy use the Death Star to destroy the colony and close the Multiverse Rift.”, Vincent provided the Tactical update.

They were a lot of gasps in the room. Vincent raised his hands.

“We are proposing a second option. We will destroy the Death Star on our way back and seal it from their side.”, Vincent announced.

“But those pilots making the canyon run will asurely die.”, came the cry from the audience.

“The pilot are aware of the risks.”, Commander Harles announced.

“There is another option.”, Click interrupted.

“Me and Chewy can run the canyon.”, the Xindi Insectoid pilot of the Millennium Insectia looked at his Gorn Co pilot whom he had taken to calling Chewy as he continued to live our his Han Solo fantasies.

“If we don't make it through the Rift, we have lived in Imperial Space for the last three years. We can survive there.”, Click smiled.

Crixx looked at Click, “We will cover you.”

Nicole smiled, “We are beginning a propoganda message as we speak. Dr. Tchilack believes there will be a massive vacuum created when the Rift seals. We are telling those aboard the Vader’s Lady, Arthur, Lancelot and Galahad that the escape pods will survive the induction and they would be welcomed as refugees in the colony of Camelot.”

“Even the Imperials?”, the audience asked.

“Yes.”, Nicole answered, “We have to show them there is a better way.”

“It is done.”, Deveniss ended the briefing, “As soon as Devreon turns on the Vader’s Lady, We will attack.”

Click let out a “Hell yeah!”

He clicked something in Xindi that few recognized.

Tanus raised his fist.

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A Canyon Run
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