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 It’s Raining Men

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Christine TNley

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PostSubject: It’s Raining Men   Tue Jun 26, 2018 6:54 pm

Thylara had to know they would make a run for the Death Star. She had warned Nicole that she would destroy it herself if she had successfully found her quarry to seal the Multiverse Rift.

She and her King’s Fleet stood at the ready. They had to intercept the fighters on the Canyon Run. She was on the pure defensive as the Stingers linked up with the Dead Birds making a run for the reactor core of the Fourth Death Star.

Emperor Amiro Devreon confronted the Sith Lord about the ISB discovery that she may have been using Imperial resources not to search for Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader or Darth Maul but instead to look for Master Thessa Valero. Devreon and Thylara shouted at one another about loyalties and about the falling empire.

What they should have arguing about was the position of the four Star Destroyers. The Stingers, The Dead Birds and the Millenium Insectia bared hard on the attack run.

Colonel Priscilla Daagh and her Tie Interceptor were in hot pursuit as The a Insectia entered the canyon. Prissy shouted at Click to call off the run. It was too early. Click only smiled and tormented the Imperial Fighter Pilot by rolling the Corellian Freighter over and over in the canyon. Tanus grabbed the roof of the cockpit growling at the Xindi pilot. Click gave a great big yahoo!

The Millenium Insectia was named for Han Solo’s Millenium Falcon and lived up to it famous predecessor’s legacy by launching the kill shot into the ventilation chute for the reactor core, a design flaw in all Death Stars. Click gave a great big yahoo. The Death Star started to destruct in successive explosions as the Millenium Insectia headed for the vacuuming and sealing rift.

Click turned to see the ejecting escape pods plummeting towards the rift as well. He hoped and prayed the physics of his countryman Dr. Xact Tchilack were correct and the pods would hit Badlands 827 as the rift in a rain storm of refugees. Click saw Prissy’s tie interceptor spinning out of control towards the gravitational pull of the Death Star Explosions. Click looked at Tanus.

Tanus shouted, “No! It’s too risky. We have to get out of here.”

“She is a tremendous pilot and a worthy adversary. She does not deserve to die as we escape.”, the crazy Xindi responded banking hard.

“The Rift is closing.”, Tanus shouted, “We won’t make it.”

“We can do it if we ram her at hyperspeed.”, Click theorized.

“It will destroy us both.”, Tanus shouted.

“Or thrust us through the Rift.”, Click smiled.

Crash!!! The explosion carried a tremendous concussion wave that thrust both vessels towards the rift.

The Insectia and the Daagh Star were soon plummeting towards Camelot. Click gave a yahoo!

Tanus looked at him, “We are crashing. This is going to be a horrible ending.”

Click looked at the Gorn, “We are gonna make it. We always do.”

The Insectia slammed into the ground crushing material all round the two aliens. Click looked up as his great eyes went black.

Nicole looked out from the Omega Loop in Opera as thousands of escape pods from four Star Destroyers and at least one Capital Ship pummeled into the ground. She turned to General Brown, “Dispatch the ground forces. Round up the refugees and put them in secure camps. Make sure they have replicators and know how they work.”

Vincent looked at Christine, “Inform Starfleet that the rift has been closed and we are preparing to take on alien refugees.”

“Aye, Admiral.”, the Information Officer responded.

Nicole looked at Vincent, “In our history, we have welcomed Cardassians, Klingons and others to help them understand the successes of the Federation and Starfleet. Are you ready for Imperials and aliens of the Galactic Republic?”

“Our job was to close the rift and make sure that the reality was not contaminated. Our job is now complete. I am going back to teach students command at the Starfleet Academy on Paris, Earth.”, Vincent exclaimed.

Nicole looked puzzled. The reality was contaminated. These refugees were here. They needed to be managed.

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It’s Raining Men
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