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 Escape Pods

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Christine TNley

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PostSubject: Escape Pods   Tue Jun 26, 2018 6:55 pm

Nicole came walking up with the Bajoran Colonel Teero looking at the pods created for the landed Death Star Escape Pods. Many of the technicians had been separated from their families during the construction of the Death Star. They could not believe the generosity of the Federation.

Colonel Teero had revolutionized the colonization process with his development of the industrial replicators at the Phoenix Colony.

Admiral Deveniss of Selay arrived at the insistence of Governor Branson. The Selayan was not thrilled with putting engineers who sided with the Galactoc Empire aboard his station. Nicole had reminded him of two things: (1) Most if not all the soldiers aboard the station and four Star Destroyers were conscriptees and (2) the Admiral would have final say on all personnel decisions.

Many of the technicians were human or near human. Many of them knew of the Sluis Van. The snake like creatures helped build ships for the empire. There was odd rumblings about Admiral Deveniss and how the Sluissi had been altered to have legs. When Commander Wilson joined Deveniss in the interview session, those rumours were further exasperated. Monica was not thrilled to be the brunt of rumour about her relationship with the Admiral which was purely plutonic. Deveniss was a kind and gentle spirit. He took care of her.

Nicole had joined Colonel Zoe Beamon as she met with Lady Thylara’s Shocktroopers. Both Nicole and Zoe were both surprised that Gul Thua’ra Varno had already been to see them exposing the totalitarian ways of the Cardassian Union. The Cardassians has mellowed so much under Minister Garak.

Nicole furiously confronted the Cardassian. Varno only laughed. He told the naive Governor that a democracy is only functional when the military is strong. Varno told Branson that the Shocktroopers were no different then the Jem’Hadar. They were born, bred and educated for war. They would be the perfect tool. Nicole was furious. Varno was not helping to integrate these new refugees.

Nicole walked in on Thylara standing in one of the pods. Her skin had returned to its normal human pink as she had not been taking the Chiss hormones that Palpatine believed would make her more tactically gifted. Nicole looked at the woman who tried to kill her. The two women just stood in silence.

Nicole finally broke the silence. She told Thylara that she knew about Thessa Valero and promised to help the Imperial Royal find her mother. Thylara started to cry. She had tried to kill Nicole and this is how she was treated. Nicole did not know how to respond. She walked over and hugged the black clad female. Thylara sobbed in her arms.

Thylara looked at Nicole, “There is no way of knowing what evil the Sith magic has wrought on this reality. There are any number of possibilities.”

Nicole smiled, “And we will deal with them as they come up.”

Nicole explained to Thylara that a Jedi lost in this region would likely gravitate to the Bajoran people given that they were a people of faith occupied by an evil empire, the Cardassians. Nicole told Thylara that Colonel Teero was already looking for references amongst his Bajoran allies. Thylara was so grateful. She hugged Nicole once more.

The news was not all grand. Nicole returned to Opera to learn that the asteroid world near Cardassia that housed the slug like Grand Monarchs had been violently attacked and taken over. It is believed that the world was decimated during the attack. Christine T’Nley proposed that Kaffee the Hutt who bares a striking resemblance to the Grand Monarchs of Federation Space was sucked through the closing Multiverse Rift. The very dangerous and deadly Hutt would not meet the standard peaceful interaction protocol established in Federation Law. The Grand Monarchs likely welcomed him only to have him and his band of mercenaries and bounty hunters turned their peaceful world into a battleground. Nicole was furious that this had been brought to Federation Space.

Lastly, Nicole walked in to Starfleet Admiral Walter Wilson and King’s Fleet Admiral Vincent Viceroy shouting about the mission. Wilson flat out ordered Viceroy to stay on the fringes of the very dangerous Badlands to monitor all activities associated with an potential migrants from Imperial Space. Vincent barked back that the mission was to close the rift. Wilson looked at Viceroy, “You can go back to teaching if you like but you and your band of misfits are the only regional fleet with the skill set to manage such a bizarre influx of aliens and bizarre cultures.”

Vincent scowled but acknowledged the Starfleet Commander in Chief. Vincent glared at Nicole and stormed from the room.

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Escape Pods
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