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 Aayla Arrangement

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Christine TNley

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PostSubject: Aayla Arrangement    Tue Jun 26, 2018 6:59 pm

Aayla Tan was a gift from Kaffee the Hutt to Admiral Tan as payment for allowing the Hutt access to Opera City. The Twilek had come to love her role as arm candy for the Hierarchy Clanner.

Aayla has been horribly treated as a toy given by a Kaffee to his bounty hunters or neighbouring traders or smugglers. She was a prize. She had been beaten, attacked both physically and sexually before being paired with the asexual Hierarchy Admiral.

The Hierarchy are not sexual. They are cloned and assigned into castes to perform duties. Tan has become a bit of an icon in the community. His gentle way has made him a great leader. Hell, he even briefly commanded all of Starfleet.

Admiral Tan was introduced to sexuality and partnering by the beautiful and talented Summer Vasa who helped create the Tan we see today.

Aayla had had little scrutiny but as with other Imperial refugees, she required a complete physical. Aayla was scared as Dr. Lalara Shran started to catalog the first Twilek in the history of Starfleet. Aayla started to cry as the Andorian asked her to disrobe.

Tan stepped up to assist his life partner. He ordered the Andorian to use scanners only and not to take unclothed photos of his First Lady. Aayla was so grateful.

Aayla came to bed with the King’s Fleet Chief of Staff. She cuddled in next to Tan. She whispered about her feelings after he rescued her. Tan put his arm over her body. She told him that she would know what to do if he was a sexual being. Tan told her that being there to support him filled his heart with joy.

Aayla kissed Tan, “You are a great man.”

Tan smiled, “Because I have surrounded myself with great women.”

Aayla smiled.

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Aayla Arrangement
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