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 Latching On

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Christine TNley

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PostSubject: Latching On   Tue Jun 26, 2018 7:00 pm

Caitlin and in fact all the reactivated members of the King’s Fleet had been on high alert since returning to active duty. Many including Caitlin had never been off the ships since the Multiverse Rift was discovered. Caitlin had either been on the helm of the USS Quasar Quest or sleeping.

She had been so happy to get out of her uniform. She was wearing a very skimpy pair of shorts and a yellow spaghetti strap t-shirt. She was one gorgeous woman. Caitlin however was very unpopular with the new refugees after the Intelligence Officer was revealed several inconsistencies in the officer training of Captain Petrovich Daagh. The very popular Imperial Admiral was caught in the physics lab looking at systems that may activate the potential Multiverse Rift.

Several Imperial Refugees were poking and prodding at Commander Wu and were very rude in chastising the Pilot. Commander Tracklerca came walking over to step up on behalf of his helm partner. The Imperials were even more disgusting in calling out the Bzzit Khaht as a subhuman worthy of little more than scrubbing a Hutt’s layer.

Tracer finally took Caitlin by the hand and led her away. Caitlin was very grateful. Tracer tried to tell her that she should not dress so provocatively. Caitlin told the alien pilot that she would dress how she wanted to dress and she would report on whoever she felt like.

One of the serviceman from the Capital Ship who served under Admiral Bipton walked over to remind Commander Wu that not all inhabitants of the Republic thought of aliens in such a derogatory way. Caitlin smiled as one of the Imperials shouted an obscenity at her. Caitlin only smiled and grabbed Tracer and kissed the fish mouthed alien deeply on the lips.

Tracer smiled at his scantily clad ship mate. Tracer looked at her, “Humans tend to love it when a Bzzit Khaht locked onto their breast.”

Caitlin got up chuckling, “Thank you Tracer but no thank you.”

She headed back to the College. Caitlin was standing by the door thinking about Tracklerca and her life in the King’s Fleet.

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Latching On
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