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 Romulans Wanted

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Romulans Wanted   Mon Jul 02, 2018 3:15 pm

Admiral Walter Wilson sent detailed instructions to Civilian Governor Nicole Branson and Admiral Vincent Viceroy about not reaching out for additional inhabitants. Wilson expressly forbid the spread of the Imperial Empire or Galactic Republic into Federation Space.

Nicole practically begged for more help to keep the new colony functional. The Badlands is hardly the place that people want to live and work. The very difficult spatial events that occur near the Badlands makes service aboard the ships dangerous and difficult. Wilson flat out told her that Starfleet refuses to acknowledge the events of the Multiverse Rift or the associated races therein.

In the eyes of Starfleet, the events of early 2395 are not part of this reality. Nicole warned them that word would get out. People already see Nicole and her band of misfits as a bit eccentric even though she has enjoyed brief periods of immense popularity including a brief stint as the President of the UFP. Wilson told her that if she or her cohorts reached out to Federation citizens with word of these crazy races or their bizarre governments that Starfleet would move on the colony.

Nicole had learned of the significant changes in Romulan leadership and the movement away from Praetor Saehir Marrus. Marrus has been both an ally and an adversary in the worlds of the colonies. Nicole needed people for Camelot to function. She reached out to Marrus and her allies offering the Romulans asylum on Badlands 827. Marrus could rebuild Vorta’Rome on the Imperial Colony.

Viceroy told Branson that this was a very bad idea. He already had learned that Varno and his Shocktroopers were building an Imperial loyalist city and now if Vorta’Rome is built, there will be two very strong advocates for a strong central government; an empire.

Branson told Vincent that the colony needed people and diversity to function. She also told Vincent that it was their job to show Marrus and her Ronulans that Unity is the way and to show T2385-1 and his Shocktroopers that the way of the King’s Fleet and peaceful expansion is the better way.

Vincent scoffed, “They are soldiers. They live to serve. They live to be ordered around.”

“The Gorn, The Anticans, the Andorians and many others were warlike and now they serve with us. We can do the same for these people.”, Nicole offered.

“Someday, you will have to take your rose coloured glasses off.”, Vincent scoffed as he walked off.

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Nicole Branson
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Badlands 827
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Romulans Wanted
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