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 Something Else to Think About

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PostSubject: Something Else to Think About   Mon Jul 02, 2018 3:34 pm

Jovalla came to the Gala event at Omega Center in Opera. The event was to host the refugees as well as the new Vorta’Rome Mayor Saehir Marrus and her exiled Romulans. The goal was to get the races of the refugees to mingle in the capital.

Jovalla gasped when Thua’ra Varno joined the gala event with a bevy of Shocktroopers. The tension was suddenly very real. Varno winked at Governor Branson and went over to join some other Imperials near the bar.

Jovalla walked over to Nicole to try to calm her down. Nicole frowned. Jovalla told her that things will work out. The armour clad soldiers will come around. Nicole just huffed.

Varno came strolling over to the Tellarite and the human Governor. He smiled, “The Emperor assumed power by making the central republic government irrelevant. Lakaria Courascant is becoming a thriving center and is already a rival for Opera as the center of the colony of Camelot. Enjoy your time, Madame Governor. While it lasts…”

Nicole was furious. She brushed by the Cardassian and headed over to the bar. Jovalla followed her. She told Nicole that she cannot act like a spoiled child when Varno makes a play. She needs to act as if she always has the moral high ground.

Jovalla looked at her, “The Tellarites were one of the founding four races of the Federation but had largely been irrelevant until we linked up with you on the colonies. My people were once again prominent in Interplanetary politics. Hell, my uncle Jaskalla Naar’Haaj rose to prominence in Starfleet because of our alignment with you.”

“With the Gammoran Guard here amongst the refugees, once again the piglike races are seen as ugly and unappealing. We had worked hard to be more humanoid. Now we are hearing the same oink taunts we heard all those years ago.”, Jovalla observed.

“Branson Beauty has fallen into much disrepute as forcing humano-centric appearance on all races.”, Nicole frowned.

“I oughta spank you for saying that.”, Jovalla flirted.

Nicole looked at her, “I am trying to be pragmatic about this. I am only the Governor because no one else would do it with this group of aliens as refugees.”

“I think you need to think about something else.”, Jovalla pulled Nicole into one of the guest rooms of the ballroom. She pulled the human down on top of her.

Nicole looked at her Tellarite friend. She had thought about nothing but the Multiverse Rift for months. She had not thought about love, her own life or even her own joy. The only personal thoughts she had allowed herself to have were of Brenna. She had her daughter back. This was the miracle of the Multiverse Rift.

Jovalla looked at Nicole, “Kiss me, Governor.”

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Something Else to Think About
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