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 Take Me Home

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PostSubject: Take Me Home   Mon Jul 02, 2018 3:37 pm

Branson was hosting her usual gala events. She was prepared for Saehir Marrus and her Romulans to make a grand entrance but she really did not want to see Gul Thua’ra Varno and his Shocktrooper.

Varno took great pleasure in entering in Cardassian Armour and a large black cloak. He entered the room in front of a bevy of Stormtroopers. Branson just shook her head.

“And Darth Varno enters the room.”, C810-P0 narrated.

Branson turned around, “Must you.”

The Imperial Chronicler Droid smiled, “As this is potentially the rise of the new Empire, it should be documented.”

“Not on my watch!”, Branson barked.

Nicole had also invited Lady Thylara even though putting her and Varno in the same room was not a good strategy. Sgt. Robert E. Leo hated the idea and the Opera Chief of Police challenged the Governor not to continue on the path towards the new Empire.

Nicole arranged for Colonel Teero to pick up the Sith Refugee from the Pod City near Opera. Acrylics waited for the lost child.

The Bajoran gasped at the amazing beauty. Thylara had been used to black robes and Imperial Aides. She actually enjoyed dressing herself. Colonel Teero escorted her to Omega Center.

The Colonel took her over to the table that sat Galileo Leo and Autumn Laree. The foursome was making small talk when Vash Enranet came walking over. It was the first time Thylara had seen the Cardassian had been revealed as killing Thessa Valero. Thylara had a death stare taught her by the great Sith masters. She nearly turned Vash to stone with her icy glare. Vash just acknowledged the retreating leader of the Galactic Empire.

Varno smiled as he watched the hate grow inside Lady Thylara. This was proceeding just as he hoped. Branson saw the darkness. She too has served on the Tanmesad in her early days. She had to head this off. She came over and took Vash by the arm and led him over to the table with Admiral Cirrus Bipton.

Branson had served to keep Thylara and Vash apart for the better part of the evening but Branson was with Captain Petrovich Daagh. She has been trying to convince the Imperial Officer to side with the Federation.

Thylara made a Beeline for the Cardassian. She confronted Vash. Vash proceeded to confess his sins. He described his rise to power in the Cardassian Union. He confessed to his sins against the Bajoran people. He took a Bajoran Comfort Woman and they even produced a child. Thylara was growing in more and more rage as she listened to the sins of the Cardassian. She listened to him confess his crimes of kidnapping as he described kidnapping Gul Varno after he defected to the Federation. Thylara could not believe the two facedness of these Cardassians. She thought of the Falleen in the Black Sun or the Hutt Syndicate.

Thylara finally pushed Vash to talk about the death of her mother. Varno turned as he heard. The Cardassian lit his red lightsaber. He knew this would be the moment. 2395-1, his Shocktroopers leader walked forward with the light sword. He opened the case and prepared to walk across the floor to Lady Thylara.

Vash looked at Thylara and described the scene. Thessa had infiltrated his inner circle and was prepared to kill Legate Enranet. Vash had foiled the plot and captured Thessa Valero. Vash spent the next few months learning her history, the legends of the Jedi and the Clone Wars. Vash told Thylara stories that she had never heard. She listened intently and her anger waned.

Vash then spoke of the moment. The Cardassians were coming for any and all Bajorans. They were lining them up for firing squads. Thessa was very afraid. She did not want to die like that. All Obsidian Order members had a poison pill to swallow if they were ever captured. Vash gave his to Thessa. The Jedi took the tablet. Vash held her hands as she collapsed to the floor. To prevent discovery, he shot her many, many times in the stomach. He was standing over her when the Obsidian Order entered his Bajoran estate. His reputation was set. He was the black leader. Thylara stood there with her mouth open.

2395-1 walked over with the lightsword. He smiled as he held the open box up to Lady Thylara. Darth Varno slowly sauntered over. The effect was demonically amazing. Varno looked at Thylara, “Take the sword and strike him down! Let the hate flow through you!”

Thylara looked at Varno and then at Vash. Gul Enranet did kill her mother but not in the way she understood. Thylara was very confused about her feelings. She looked at Colonel Teero, “Take me home.”

The Bajoran took Thylara to the refugee pods. The words played in her mind, “Take me home.”

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Take Me Home
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