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 It’s A Daagh’s Life

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: It’s A Daagh’s Life   Mon Jul 02, 2018 3:38 pm

Dala Kaffee came to Opera to meet with Nicole abut trade with the Grand Monarch Colony on the fringes of the Badlands. The Miriialan told Governor Branson that Kaffee the Hutt had taken over the colony and had committed horrible acts of genocide to establish the colony as a Hutt Syndicate outpost.

Dala told Nicole that Kaffee had already been in contact with Ishka and with the Cardassian Underground. He is building a subversive empire. Nicole was furious that the Hutt were operating here. Dala also confessed to Nicole that Kaffee has put out feelers in the Ferengi community that he will pay a Latinum for services.

Nicole frowned and went across the Omega Center to inform Admiral Viceroy. Vincent agreed to divert the Quasar Quest to Monarch 827. Vincent agreed to inform Admiral Wilson of Starfleet Command of the intent.

Nicole went back to warn Dala not to go to Monarch 827 because the Quest was going to fire on the Hutt Base. Nicole turned as Vincent entered the Governor’s Office. Vincent looked at Nicole, “Wilson has forbid the attack. He says that if the King’s Fleet moves on Monarch 827, it will draw attention to the region and he does not want anyone to know that the Hutt and for that matter other imperial races exist. We have been ordered to stand down.”

“This is how it starts. Evil lays a seed and no one reacts.”, Nicole lectured, “Evil is allowed to fester and grow. The utopia built by the United Federation of Planets will get the cancer. If we don’t react, it will grow.”

Vincent frowned. Commander Harles came walking in, “I could not help but overhear. I am of Monarch Heritage. I would like to respond on behalf of my people.”

“The Stingers would be seen as symbols of the King’s Fleet. You too are grounded.”, Viceroy ordered.

“What if there was an unrecognizable ship?”, Click joined the group.

“Like what?”, Vincent exclaimed.

“The Daagh Star crashed near the Pod City.”, Click explained.

“The what?”, Vincent exclaimed.

“It is an Imperial Tie Interceptor piloted by Commander Priscilla Daagh.”, Click explained.

“We cannot rearm an Imperial.”, Vincent ordered, “Especially the daughter of a known subversive like Captain Daagh.”

Nicole looked at Vincent, “If we were able to show them they are part of our community, we could help them integrate.”

Vincent looked at his aide, “Inform Colonel Teero to assist in the rebuild of this Interceptor.”

Priscilla stood with her father in the fighter bay. Click entered the Fighter bay and walked towards Prissy. Rand looked at Priscilla, “Oh my lords, it is a giant bug. Disgusting!”

Priscilla looked at Click, “I understand Commander Tchilack that it is you I have to thank for the restoration of the Daagh Star.”

“The credit goes to Colonel Teero. It is industrial replication that made this possible.”, the Xindi Insectoid refused to take credit.

Admirals Viceroy and Tan came over with R2-V407. Viceroy looked at Priscilla, “We have provided the flight map within this R2 Unit. Do not communicate with any ships. Acknowledge no one. Fire on the base and retreat.”

“Aye Admiral.”, Priscilla responded. She could not believe she acknowledged the King’s Fleet Commander in Chief.

Click turned to follow Tan and Viceroy. Priscilla leaned forward and whispered, “Thank you, Click. Thank you very much.”

Priscilla grinned as she demolished the Hutt base. She, the daughter of an Imperial Security Bureau Admiral had acted on behalf of a peace loving symbol of the United Federation of Planets and its scientific and explanation arm Starfleet. She was part of something else. It felt right.

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It’s A Daagh’s Life
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