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 Learning to Live the Federation Way

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PostSubject: Learning to Live the Federation Way   Sun Jul 08, 2018 7:42 am

Admiral Petrovich Rand Daagh is a special case. As Rand Daagh, he became Grand Moff of the Jakku Region of a failing empire. His political power was waning and with so many officers defecting to the Galactic Republic, he was losing his political clout as well. The Grand Moff reached out to Emperor Palpatine himself to join the ISB to help weed out these traitors.

Colonel Petrovich Daagh was a powerful member of ISB and a hated protector of the sanctity of the Imperial Navy but when Palpatine failed at Endor the ISB was in disarray as was the Empire. The falling back empire fell under the authority of Emperor Amiro Devreon and his son Rance and Mero.

The self appointed Emperor had aligned himself with the Sith Lord Lady Thylara and had hoped to retreat to Jakku to realign with the Chiss Worlds loyal to Grand Admiral Thrawn and launch an offensive against the New Republic. Devreon knew that Daagh had extensive knowledge of the region and reached out to the ISB officer to join his retreating but well equipped King’s Fleet.

Even though Emperor Devreon had given the former ISB Colonel the rank of Admiral, the other officer did not trust him giving him the Star Destroyer known as Lancelot because of the history of Lancelt’s betrayal of the real King Arthur. Renee and Mero hated him. He had sold out many of their retreating colleagues after the fall of Palpatine.

The truth is Thylara lied to them. She had learned of the potential for a Spatial Rift from Yup Tashu. She had told them she would use it to find a new Sith to serve the rule of two but really she had discovered a way to find her lost mother from whose arms she was ripped by Palpatine himself. It was through the chaos of the Multiverse Rift that Admiral Petrovich Daagh and his daughter Priscilla had ended up here on the colony of Camelot on the fringes of the Badlands near Bajor.

The former Grand Moff, ISB Colonel and a Imperial Admiral is nothing if not adaptable. He accepted an offer to join Camelot College and to join the crew of the USS Plato’s Academy. He was given the rank of Provisional Captain and given the Tactical Officer’s position. Captain Christian Moyer was briefed on his treacherous history. Moyer also learned about his confession that he would like to get a command and then use his authority to convert the King’s Fleet from a successful regional fleet to an expanding Imperial Expeditionary Force.

Moyer had to manage Captain Daagh. Daagh actually had been performing his duties well on the Plato. He was even spending sometime in engineering learning how the antimatter engines demonstrated propulsion. It was substantially different than an Imperial Hyperdrive.

Daagh had also been seen in the officer’s mess exposing the greatness of his daughter and her attack on the Hutt Base. He was a proud father.

Dr. Meadow Coren had been invited to speak aboard the Plato. The good doctor wanted to speak about adjusting to the return to Federation Space. She had lost her life in service to the King’s Fleet but had been reborn through the Multiverse Rift.

Meadow spoke to Petrovich Daagh personally about his experiences, his rise to power and about her experiences. Petrovich was very intrigued by her life, her experiences aboard the USS Wrath of Achilles and her services in the King’s Fleet.

Petrovich returned to his quarters to find the Betazoid doctor sitting on the chair in his study. The Imperial told her that he was not a good catch. He was notorious for playing all sides in a conflict.

Meadow just smiled coyly and continued to flirt with the lost Imperial.

Meadow rolled over in the morning and laid on the chest of her new found friend. Petrovich looked at the Betazoid doctor. He kissed her on the forehead. Maybe service in the King’s Fleet was not going to be so bad after all.

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Learning to Live the Federation Way
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