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 Maybe We Can Try

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Maybe We Can Try   Sun Jul 08, 2018 7:43 am

With Dr. Meadow Coren spending time with Captain Daagh, Lindsay Viceroy had lost her play partner. Lindsay had tried to distance herself from Captain S’Nii and their history.

The emotion embracing Vulcan was also resurrected by Multiverse Rift. Lindsay had reviewed their history. She knew that Captain S’Nii has failed in command on multiple occasions. She is now involved in the command of the USS Lindsay Viceroy. The very thought of it scared Lindsay.

Losing Meadow was proof that Meadow was never interested in her, she was just messing around. Lindsay went to the holosuite and watched more personal logs from the Captain. She even watched some of her own. She secretly wished she could remember her time in whatever void existed after her death. She needed to find some meaning.

Lindsay could not help but think about the feelings that the emotion embracing Vulcan had for her. She needed to speak to the Captain.

Lindsay chimed the door.

“Enter.”, S’Nii responded.

The Vulcan was kneeling on the chaise in the entry way to her private quarters. S’Nii gasped, “Sorry. I thought you were Tania.”

The Captain was speaking over her first officer, Commander Tania Branson. Lindsay could not believe how much the words hurt her. She quickly apologized and quickly reentered the corridor.

Lindsay started to walk down the hallway back to engineering. S’Nii came out in the hallway, “Lindsay, please come back.”

Lindsay came walking back, “But what about Tania?”

“I just did not want to be alone.”, S’Nii started to tear up.

Lindsay put her arms around the Captain, “Maybe we can try.”

“I’d like that.”, S’Nii smiled, kissing her life partner.

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Maybe We Can Try
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