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 Teero and Tears

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PostSubject: Teero and Tears   Sun Jul 08, 2018 7:44 am

Acrylos Teero had not been back to Bajor’s Halls of the Prophets in a long time. He had abandoned his religious ways for the ways of science and had became a bit of a pariah when he agreed to serve aboard the USS / CGV Tanmesad in 2389. He had not warn the traditional religious garb in a long time.

The Bajoran took Lady Thylara to meet with some of the Elders. One of them was surprised by the princess with the exiled Bajoran. The Vedek motioned the pair over to the fountain. The older male described the service of Vedek Valero. He spoke to Thylara about Thessa and her gentle way and about her outlandish stories.

The Bajoran spoke of Takadona and the travellers who often stopped by Maz Kanata’s palace. The older male described the discovery of an extremely force sensitive child in the ancient royal line of Takadona and about the potential for her to become a great Jedi Master. Thylara listened. She had been told that it was her destiny to be the Emperor’s apprentice. It appears to be that both the Jedi and the Sith were taking a chance to capture Thylara.

Thylara finally blurted out, “How can I be sure that you and the tales of my mother in Imperial Space and her service to the Vedek Order here in Federation Space? How can I know that you are just not trying to convince me to leave my Sith Ways behind me?”

The Vedek handed Thylara a picture her mother had given her of a young Thylara dressed in Takadona Military Garb and not in anything Sith related. Thylara was stunned. She grabbed the picture and stared at the image. She remembered standing by her mother as Emperor Palpatine paraded his troops in front of them on Takadona. She remembered how dazzled she was at the sight of these amazing Stormtroopers and their leader.

Thylara put her hand into Acrylos’ hand, “Thank you for bringing me here.”

The Bajoran smiled, “I know what is like to be part of an oppressive regime. I saw what the Cardassians did to Bajor. I know that you see or at least saw the Empire as establishing order. Life is about more than establishing order. Life is about exploring boundaries.”

Thylara rested her head on his shoulder, “I think I have been mentored by the wrong people. I wish I could have known my mother more.”

“I wish you could too.”, Teero offered, kissing her forehead.

She looked up at him with teary eyes. She had been reborn by falling from the sky in the closing of the Multiverse Rift.

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Teero and Tears
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