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 Valero Lau

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PostSubject: Valero Lau   Sun Jul 08, 2018 7:45 am

Acrylos could feel Thylara’s pain. It was this darkness that drove her to serve Palpatine and Vader. The Bajoran had no historical reference but he had heard the tales. He also believed in the magic of faith. He had lived in the world of the Prophets and feared the Pah Wraiths. He worried that the sorry of hearing more stories of her mother had the potential to return Thylara to a dark path.

The work of Dr. Lassiter Lau, a known Trill geneticist around hereditary memory is the stuff of universal renown. The Trill became the first to make efforts towards capturing a lost persons memories and binding them to his own existence to carry on said legacy. Dr. Lau has done so on many occasions allowing powerful service to continue or allowing a great love story to go on.

The Trill geneticist is currently sharing his existence with Dr. Orchid Coren bringing back the legendary Betazoid biologist to rekindle her romance with Nicole Branson. Though it worked briefly, Nicole and Orchid could never find the love they once knew on the colonies. Dr. Coren-Lau has found a new passion as a professor at Camelot College and aboard the USS Plato’s Academy.

Colonel Teero theorized that Dr. Lau May be able to link with the Jedi Master Thessa Valero and bring her back to life as the mother of Thylara Valero. It however would mean severing the relationship with the memories of Dr. Orchid Coren. Teero first went to Admiral Viceroy who would not approve approaching Dr. Coren-Lau. Teero then went to Governor Branson. Nicole has always wanted to integrate these other universal aliens into the worlds of the Federation. This would be a monumental start but deep in her soul she still loved Orchid. Sure she had had other relationships, even with other Corens but she loved Orchid. Nicole also understood the service that Dr. Coren Lau provided the King’s Fleet. She was a fine professor, Officer and mentor.

Nicole and Acrylos went to meet with the alien symbiote. Colonel Teero told Dr. Coren-Lau about his plan to have the Trill geneticist reanimate the Jedi Master. Dr. Lau was intrigued. Think of the learnings that could come from such a joining. Nicole was very upset as she reached out to his Orchid half to explain what separation would mean. Orchid would die. She could not live without her Trill host. She would have to sacrifice herself for Colonel Teero’s plan to work.

Orchid hugged Nicole as they shared some tears. Orchid told Nicole that her time had passed. She was okay to go. Nicole could not help but think of Lindsay Viceroy’s personal logs. Lindsay could remember nothing from the great beyond. What if there was nothing?

Dr. Lassiter Lau had spent his lifetimes learning from the experiences of others. He had used these experiences to perfect his life prolonging and even life reanimating genetic efforts. He was more than Trill now. He was something other. He already began a scientific journal to log the ways and understandings of his Jedi hostess.

Colonel Teero brought Lady Thylara to meet someone. Thylara burst into tears when she saw her mother Thessa Valero sitting on a chair in the Camelot College genetics lab. She had not seen her mother since she was eight years old and she was taken from her by Palpatine.

Colonel Teero explained the strange marking on her body. Thessa Valero was alive because she was reanimated by joining with Dr. Lassiter Lau. She was more than just Thessa Valero, lost Jedi turned Bajoran Vedek and Freedom Fighter, she was Dr. Thessa Valero-Lau.

Thylara had so many questions. She sat on the floor next to her mother and listened to stories of Takadona, undercover espionage, a physical relationship with Emperor Palpatine. Thylara gasped as her mother told her about life on Bajor during the occupation, about service to the Cardassians and even a physical relationship with Legate Vash Enranet. Her mother was no saint. Thylara still wanted a relationship with her. She loved what Acrylos had done.

The Takadona royal kissed the Bajoran on the cheek. Acrylos gently turned her head and kissed her softly on the lips. Thylara pulled back at first but then kissed him back.

Thessa grinned, “My…. My…”

Thylara grinned at her mother, a bit embarrassed.

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