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 Old Ways...

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PostSubject: Old Ways...   Sun Jul 08, 2018 7:46 am

Thylara hated these gala events already.  She had seen them used effectively by Emperor Palpatine but she hated the mingling small talk nonsense.  She however stood dutifully in a black evening gown with Colonel Teero watching the efforts by Governor Branson to try to get the Imperials, the Rebels and her colonists to mingle.  

Thylara was excited to see her mother join the group.  She however was stunned to see her mother walk over to Gul Vash Enranet to say hello.  Thylara made a beeline to her Trill hosted mother.  Vash offered the two ladies a glass of Betazoid white wine.  

Thylara listened as Thessa described the darkness of the Bajoran Militia plants into the role of Bajoran Comfort Women.  Thylara was sick to her stomach as Thess basically described prostituting herself to get information on the Cardassian Union, the Obsidian Order and on weaknesses in the Cardassian power structure.  

Thessa then described how different it was with Vash.  Vash told Thylara that her mother and people like her taught him that there was a better way.  Vash would have a child with Lashanra Lyun and become the better man he is today because of Thessa Valero.  Thylara still was not amused.  She knew what Cardassians were.  She had seen it in Darth Varno.  Her mother had to see it too.  She had to.

Thylara was horrified when Vash and her mother left the gala together.  This is not what she resurrected her mother.  This was not why she gave up everything; why she gave up an empire.

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Old Ways...
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