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 New Mission - The Fall of Bajor

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Nicole Branson

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PostSubject: New Mission - The Fall of Bajor   Mon Jul 30, 2018 8:57 pm

The Galactic Empire is born in a hail of Cardassian Ships as Admiral Rence Devreon leads a fleet of Galors and Damar Class Ships to bring domination back to Bajor.

To make matters worse, Admiral Devreon refers to the Fleet as The King’s Fleet as Bajor is once again occupied by the Imperial Cardassian Union.

With hours of the victory at Bajor, the Cardassians are told that they too are occupied by the Galactic Empire and all will bow down to Emperor Amero Devreon.

Bajor and Cardassia suffer the same fate...

Emperor Amero Devreon offers asylum to any Republic or Imperial Refugee living on Camelot.

The Romulan Star Empire states that if Starfleet moves on the Bajoran Sector, they will consider it interference in the activities of an independent state and will take necessary action to allow these worlds to determine their own futures.

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New Mission - The Fall of Bajor
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