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 New Mission - The Separatists Have Arrived

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Nicole Branson

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PostSubject: New Mission - The Separatists Have Arrived   Wed Aug 15, 2018 7:20 pm

“As I have said before. Starfleet will not intervene. This is a King’s Fleet problem in a King’s Fleet Protected Territory. You wanted this. You got it.”, Admiral Wilson looked at Vincent.

“But…”, Vincent tried to respond.

“The United Federation of Planets has no record of any Nemoidian race or any Nemoidian colony in the Bajor Sector. Nemoidians are fictional characters in books and movies on Earth. They do not exist.”, Wilson bluntly blurted.

Wilson shut down the comm unit.

Vincent and Vanessa looked at each other. Vincent finally said, “Does it ever get easier?”

Vanessa smiled, “Remember you were teaching at the Academy and I was dead. It was easier.”

The Tholian Hybrid winked, “We chose to come back to this.”

Vincent smiled. In truth, he did like all this.

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Captain Vanessa Sanders
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USS Providence
King’s Fleet
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New Mission - The Separatists Have Arrived
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