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 New Mission - Humanocentricity and Denial

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: New Mission - Humanocentricity and Denial   Mon Sep 24, 2018 5:50 am

With the Tellar Space Service liberation of Cardassia and the decimation of the remnants of the Imperial Forces, the original goal becomes very clear.

The Federation has taken a formal stance that the Multiverse Rift did not occur and that the actions of the Imperial Cardassian Empire and the Romulan Aggressions in the Bajor Sector were acts by an Internal Cardassian Rebellion and the Romulans acted of their own accord.

Furthermore, the Federation seeks to bring legal action against Governor Nicole Branson for her Doctoral Thesis on Branson Beauty, a process to make the aliens appear more human openly criticizing the existences of Jovalla and Jasmine Naar’Haaj and Ghorrash Hors as abominations of their Tellarite Heritage.

The King’s Fleet is once again under attack and would not have it any other way.

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New Mission - Humanocentricity and Denial
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