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 Create Food and Water

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PostSubject: Create Food and Water   Fri May 20, 2016 6:16 pm

Galileo read the briefing document left on a scroll on his night stand. He cursed as he read about the assignment to the Kingdom of Camelot in the distant past. He scoffed as he learned that Branson had occupied the palace and proclaimed herself Queen.

Galley looked in the mirror smiling as he saw his regal Caitian self. He enjoyed his time as a human but this was who he was. He was a cat like entity.

He walked down to the restaurant seeing the empty wooden tables. He walked past the tables and into the back. There was no kitchen just a series of scrolls. He unfurled a scroll and smiled walking into the restaurant. He raised his arms and spoke in fluent Caitian for the first time in too long, "Create Food and Wine"

The powerful cleric spell filled the tables with food and wine. The Wizard grinned, "I think I am gonna like this."

Galley went and opened the doors. Many castle groundlings flowed in to take drink. Galley smiled. His father would be proud of him for feeding the less fortunate.

Galley wandered around. He thought of Franklin and the likelihood that his Caitian appearance and male gender would be restored as well. He thought of other aliens who could now appear normal in this mythical realm.

Galley wandered out of the back of the restaurant. Frankie was sitting on the hitch rail for horses. She smiled and unbuttoned her shirt.

"When Section 31 offered to restore my Caitian heritage I chose to remain female. When I was lost and alone, you were there. It's my turn now.", Frankie smiled.

Galley smiled, picking her up, "I am going to make such love to you."

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Create Food and Water
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